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SOLD OUT TICKETS FOR A BUSINESS BREAKFAST. First time in my association with the Swan Chamber of Commerce since my involvement in 2007 have we had to stop the ticket sales. We’ve doubled our attendance over the last couple of years, but this breakfast was something else. John was the guest speaker in the DISRUPTIVE LEADERSHIP BREAKFAST SERIES, held by the Swan Chamber of Commerce on Sept 17th in the heart of… Read More

Often it’s hard to determine where a community is going back woulds. Wether it’s a neighbourhood, shopping precinct, large corporations, business clubs or churches. 3 simple rules to transform dysfunctional communities 1. Know the overall vision and don’t assume it. It’s taken for granted all to often that each member of a team or a corporate citizen has a sense of direction. Most people aren’t driven by vision or mission, they would… Read More

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, What do you do when you feel cornered, and they give you an ultimatum? Nineteen years ago I made a conscious decision to stand up for myself and see where it all leads. What was on the line? 1. My livelihood 2. My community 3. My sense of purpose Up until this day, I had the world at my fingertips. For over twenty one years I… Read More

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, Volunteering your time, talent and labour in a noble effort is one of the most effective ways to create good mental well-being for ourselves and the greater community. Let’s first dismiss what isn’t volunteering. Taking time and effort to benefit ourselves isn’t what I would call volunteering. Learning a new skill that takes time and effort isn’t what I would call volunteering. Offering our time, talent… Read More

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, The art of developing street credibility! You have to find that place in life where everything just makes sense to you, no mater how bazaar it may appear to those around us. I remember as a teenager walking through the streets of Perth and hearing a street preacher for the first time. He was an elderly Indian man called Ted Jackson, heavy set, with a voice… Read More

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, There was a time when I wouldn’t even look up at the sky to notice the stars, birds or the splendour of a sunrise. I was way to busy for superficial things like that. I had a world to reach, people’s lives to save, I had a mission and nothing was going to stop me, until? I woke up one morning and lost it all. Imagine… Read More

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, There is an art to the meet and greet. Three types of people when they meet for the first time! Balance is always at the heart of a great meeting. Some meetings are too hot, too cold and just right. Knowing the difference helps us from wasting our energy and time of meetings that lead nowhere. 3 types of meetings.. 1. The need to become best… Read More

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, A trailblazer is often regarded as an innovator, pioneer, the first to achieve something. They are perhaps some of the most misunderstood individuals. Why? They see things that don’t seem to be seen by others. They construct solutions where others only see the problem. They execute what they see in their mind’s eye and keep moving forward as though a path is set out for them…. Read More

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, To even talk about prayer in a world dominated by science, government control and economic dependency seems futile. But prayer works in the midst of these dominating forces and even where angles fear to tread. To the pragmatist without faith, prayer is nothing but defeat on legs. To the faith filled, prayer leads us to a pragmatic path that seems irrational at times and overly optimistic…. Read More

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, We often attribute reality to the world we see, rather than reality being the world we create with our mind. A promise of a new world through thought and speech. Thinking through, speaking out and acting on God’s blueprint must produce fruit that matters most. Talk is cheap, show me the desired outcome. We get what we think and say. A new reality through three simple… Read More

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