Vacillating Leaders can appear to be careful and considerate, but in the end, their double mindedness will strip them of the quality we all look for in leadership. A great quality a leader can possess is decisiveness. The ability to absorb information and make calculated moves on the go. They may even make random decisions that seem contradictory when new information comes into play. A leader isn’t caught between two opinions, trying… Read More

The moment forgiveness is released into the air, all sorts of transformations take place. Forgiveness is a living thing, it’s not a thought process or a program. Just because people coexist, it doesn’t imply forgiveness has taken place. Some of the most angry and bitter people can coexist for years harbouring bitterness and resentment. Being civil isn’t forgiveness, being civil externally prevents wars, but civility without forgiveness cannot bring about harmony. Wether… Read More

One of my favourite quotes about developing healthy human relation insights comes from Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of highly effective people ~ ‘Seek first to understand then to be understood’ The idea of transparency and honesty is only half the equation when it comes to building strong relationships. Wether it’s family matters, building communities or the top end of town business deals, understanding the other person is not the first… Read More

It’s natural to want to live a life with minimal disruption, but life without the salt of adventure quickly kills the spirit. What’s perhaps new to us isn’t necessarily new at all. Entertaining ideas of starting a business, getting married, having children or travelling for a year are some of the most normal things humans can do, but for some it can be terrifying. Being open to new ideas is what makes… Read More

WE ALL REMEMBER MOMENTS OF BLISS, BUT TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING Nostalgia : A state of being homesick : homesickness or a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition. Old wine skins were new wine skins at some point that welcomed the effervescent nature of new wine. When old wine skins lose there ability to be flexible, containing anything new becomes hazardous. The moment… Read More

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