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When we talk about forgiveness in the modern world, we have to recognise what forgiveness isn’t.

Forgiveness isn’t a weak attempt to move on from hurt or someone’s failures.

Forgiveness isn’t an avoidance of real or fabricated incidents.

Forgiveness is a gutsy realisation of pain, confusion and roadblocks that need to be addressed by two or more parties.

Psychologists generally define forgiveness as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness. … Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, nor does it mean condoning or excusing offenses.

Those that are wounded seek healing and often avoid the idea of forgiveness as the best way to experience emotional and mental ease.

Rather than go down the forgiveness path, we tend to introduce the enemy of forgiveness to deal with the hurt. Let’s call the enemy, The Grudge.

The Grudge identifies itself as our friend. The Grudge claims to understand us like no one else.

Like a weed, The Grudge makes inroads into areas of our life it has no business in. It starts to question every relationship based on the hurt we’ve received by isolated negative experiences.

The Grudge shrinks our world to self preservation and even our closest relationships get muddy.

Forgiveness in its truest form is ancient and it has far more power than just words or endless therapy.

Forgiveness is courageous.

Forgiveness invokes extra ordinary human characteristics.

Forgiveness takes us beyond setting the books straight or cancelling out debt.

Forgiveness reveals a way of life that that propagates freedom of thought, unconditional love and new possibilities between two or more factions.

If forgiveness were simply cancelling debt without the means to create wealth, it won’t be long before a new debt is created.

Imagine a married couple no longer wanting to hold The Grudge at the centre of their relationship. They decide to forgive one another of past failings without a radical new path moving forward. It won’t be long before The Grudge is welcome back to destroy the half hearted forgiveness attempt.

Radical Forgiveness is about wiping the past and building the future.

Forgiveness is courageous and fights for something that was lost.

Forgiveness by its very nature doesn’t accrue debt and deals with issues directly. A forgiving person refuses The Grudge’s temptations to build a new case for future hurt.

The posture of a forgiving person always comes from a place of reconciliation of all parties. Rather than self preservation being the end game, forgiveness pardons everyone with or without their permission.

In order for anyone to fully comprehend forgiveness in its fullness, they need to look to the one that practiced this very idea 2000 years ago.

While hanging on a cross in His last moments of life, Jesus calls out to God and exercises the courage of what it means to be extra human with the words ‘Father forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing’

He directly addressed those that falsely accused Him which landed Him a death sentence. You can’t get any more radical that that. He embodied what it means to be courageous and victorious at the same time.

To truly forgive is extraordinary.

The one who receives the most by forgiveness is the one who forgives. They are the true angels in human form.

Marriages, families, workplaces, communities can do with a whole lot of forgiveness. Imagine what that society would look like?

We all go through dark moments in life where we need forgiveness or we need to forgive… Maybe The Grudge in the room needs an eviction notice…


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‘In good conscience’ A path to an authentic life’

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, Networks that flourish. It’s always about drawing the right people together. Beware of the birds, rocks, and thorn type.

In thousands of years, it is clear that human beings haven’t evolved much when it comes to types of people.

The idea of creating a flourishing network or community is as old as time.

In modern days we use catch cries like ‘Finding our tribe’ or terms like ‘likemindedness’ to find our type of persons that make us feel normal or a sense of belonging.

An ancient parable or analogy describes four distinct types of people which reveals something about every human being on earth.

I believe we all experience the different types within ourselves and also see them in others as we mature or seek to become whole.

The parable of the farmer

A farmer sowed seed to reach a maximum harvest, much like any business owner or community group. The intent is to become as influential as possible.

Some seed fell in a pathway and the birds came and ate the seed before it germinated.

Some seed fell in between rocks or shallow ground and it germinated quickly but it didn’t take root. The new plant shrivelled up and died.

Some seed fell amongst thorns, this seed germinated but got choked in time by the aggressive thorny weeds.

Some seed fell in good nutritious soil, the environment caused this seed to grow without intrusions and it produced thirty to sixty times its original seed.

When you try to build a community or vibrant business, just like the farmer, you spread yourself to maximise impact. As a result you will come across four character types.

1. The bird type

These types come into our investment and just steal our energy, creatively and faith just to satisfy their selfish appetites.

Beware of the bird type, they are quick and have a complete disregard for your vision of creating a long lasting business or community that puts people first

2. The rock or shallow type

These are the ones that come into your world and are filled with excitement. They believe you instantly and promise you the world. These are the ones that take up your energy and before you know it they disappear looking for the next best thing.

Shallow people lack commitment and unfortunately drain devoted individuals that are focused.

3. The thorn type

These are the ones that go the distance to a point but they always struggle with worry and anxiety. They also struggle with the allurement of quick riches and success.

The world is yours for the taking is always in their heart but they struggle to connect in long deep and meaningful connections.

They are isolated and preoccupied with self to be concerned about community.

4. The good ground type

These are the ones that seek a full life. They are resourceful, engaging and recognise that it takes a whole village to create a whole person.

These are the ones that have a long game approach to life and commit to a number of areas to get the most out of life.

These are the ones that become trustworthy. They are sort out for all sorts of reasons because of their solid character.

If we are going to build great long lasting business and community groups, BE the good soil and minimise the bird, rock and thorn types from effecting your objective.

Let’s be honest, we all struggle with the bird, rock and thorn type within ourselves and judging others won’t help us with our desire to be whole.

We attract what we are, so BEING the good soil helps us to keep scattering the seed continually. We will eventually attract what we are. As for the bird, rock and thorn types, life has a way of sifting them out of our life so that we can continue to multiply and prosper.

All the best in becoming whole as you seek to build great communities, make no mistake, it’s a lifetime pursuit.

If you are interested in building strong communities, they require healthy cultures. BE the culture you are looking to establish. The rest is easy.


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‘In good conscience’ A path to an authentic life’

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, A mothers love is too hard to describe, but I’ll try.

When I think of the way the world is often described as ‘Mother Nature’ or a place of one’s origin as ‘Motherland’, these are terms of endearment and deep felt emotion of respect and belonging.

It was Abraham Lincoln who honoured his own mother, saying “All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother”

I’m confident most mothers struggle to feel the significant impact they have in their family, often not until they are too old to appreciate their contribution.

My mother went to the grave thankful for all God gave her describing her life to a rose 🌹. “My whole life has been difficult, like a long stem rose filled with thorns, but in the end God gave me the rose” ~ Sofia Smilovitis

In the last few years of mum’s life when she felt she had very little to contribute, her children surrounded her with the same love and care she had invested in them.

I can’t possibly imagine some of the difficulties she endured trying to raise a family. Mum never made me feel like I was a burden to her. As I got older, mum acknowledges the miracle of her tears been replaced with joy, but it came at a great cost.

She went on to say “Imagine it being so cold and we were so poor with very little means of heat in our small one room flat. I dried your nappies on my chest because that’s the only way I thought possible to make sure you were taken care of”

Mum would tell me story after story of the sacrifice it took, yet it was worth it all.

Today, being Mother’s Day, my wife and I went to my mother’s grave site to give her homage. As we drove in the graveyard it was filled with individuals and families paying their respects to mothers that are resting in peace.

Motherhood is a painful experience. I’ve watched my mother struggle her whole life with her self worth long after her children had left home. I also watch my wife and mother of our children who have left home many years ago struggle the same tragic torment of self worth.

Motherhood in all its beauty, sacrifice and devotion has a hidden volt of bitter sweet decisions few understand.

I for one don’t understand, but I am a recipient of a mother’s love and I know what it’s like to feel loved unconditionally.

For this I am grateful.

To every mother that feels misunderstood, happy Mother’s Day.

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, Leadership; embellished and over-talked; under demonstrated; largely misunderstood.

It’s often the ones that lead that aren’t recognised and those that seek recognition of leadership, just don’t lead.

With catch phrases like ‘Being led up the garden path’, meaning someone has wasted our time and energy or has deceived us through their influence. It’s not a surprise many don’t like the thought of being led.

Leadership is far more complex than telling others what to do or guiding them down a path.

Leadership in its simplest form is navigating oneself and others to the best possible outcome with the least cost.

The notion of winning where only a few benefit, can’t be seen as wholesome leadership.

Terms like Industry Leaders ought to be lightly praised. Often Industry Leaders channel their skills to benefit specific industry stakeholders at the expense of massive collateral damage.

Or yet another term, Leadership Strategist, win at all costs. These individuals have no hesitation wiping out the whole chess board pieces to get a checkmate. As long as the king is still standing, this type of leader fancies themselves as a leadership expert.

The very idea of a leader not having a following or not being able to influence their peers without fear tactics has misunderstood what it means to lead.

True leadership or what I like to coin Wholesome Leadership is a long game, if we are to produce the best outcomes for as many individuals possible.

Wholesome Leaders take others as they are. They take them on a journey with or without their permission. Wholesome Leaders choose who they want to work with and don’t take no for an answer.

1. They will work on building trust through example-ship.

2. They will be as transparent.

3. They will be impartial.

4. They will be persistence.

5. They don’t lose the objective of the journey.

6. They definitely have thick skin and soft hearts.

If you ever come across this type of leader, you’ll note that they mix at every strata of society and they don’t need a title nor do they ask for permission to lead.

If you would like to know more on how you can grow in your wholesome leadership journey, it starts by giving a dam. Wholesome Leaders prefer to win the person, not the argument or the perception that they are more accomplished than those they seek to influence towards greater outcomes.

Everyone has a wholesome leader in them, maybe discover how good a wholesome leader you can be?


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‘In good conscience’ A path to an authentic life’

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, The ancient facilitator. A wedding planners nightmare. A calling to create the greatest experience for all participants.

There is nothing better than a well orchestrated event, yet few appreciate all the behind the scenes effort to create it.

In the modern world of shallow experiences, we hardly appreciate what a real event looks, feels and tastes like.

As a result of not appreciating the outcome of an event like an ancient wedding, we fail to take away the sacredness of its intent.

What’s the role of a facilitator? Especially the facilitator’s role from an ancient wedding. We ought to apply their gifting and talent to the modern day world of events. The ancient facilitators created events with a lasting effect, unlike the minimal transforming fabric of modern world shallowness and independents. The ancients thrived on the idea of creating lasting community from their event.

The ancient facilitator’s role!

1. They help a group of people work together

2. They understand common objectives

3. They plan meticulously how to achieve an objective

4. They stay neutral throughout the process

5. They glue strengths together and protect the community or group from those who try to hijack the overall objective

Most modern day events are quickly dismissed due to the lack of a lasting objective. Participants generally come to take more than they give. With this mindset in place, most events are as quickly forgotten and all the preparations leave Facilitators wanting.

Let’s have a look at a real life changing event looks like, an ancient wedding.

1. The event itself would be over a festive week in length.

2. The preparation would take years to raise the funds.

3. The objective would bring not only two people together, it would join families and the whole community would participate.

4. The master of ceremonies or the ancient Facilitator would be a miracle worker to pull this off.

It’s interesting that 2000 years ago, Jesus chose to perform his first miracle at a wedding in a small village called Cana.

The one thing we can take away from the ancient story is. They ran out of wine some time during the wedding week which would bring shame to the Facilitator and the hosts that resourced the wedding (The groom or father of the groom). It would also change the mood of the festival event.

Mary, the mother of Jesus picked this point in time to reveal the purpose of Jesus and the importance of finishing the wedding better than it started.

Mary knew the objective of being a wedding planner and as a result, the wedding took an incredible turn, better than anyone could plan.

Jesus turns the water into wine, all 600 litres of it. Six vessels used for ceremonial water were transformed into new wine.

For those of us that endeavour to bring hope to other people’s lives through our choice of being facilitators, even we fail from time to time no matter how organised and efficient we are.

It’s at these times, we are able to approach the ultimate Ancient Facilitator. If our intention is to create a better world, bring people together and pass on timeless values, expect surprises along the way.

Just like the wedding in Cana, for those of us who exercise faith, hope and love, expect the best days of life to always be in front of us l, no matter how old we get.

God saves the best till last, be it in friendships, marriage, community, if we allow Him to.

I’ve been a Facilitator of sorts for decades, trying to bring good ideas and people together. I can truly say the older I get, the more experienced I am, I still leave room for God (The Ancient Facilitator) to surprise me with the outcome.

Maybe you feel like an empty vessel, you may think the best days of your life are behind you. I assure you that they are not if you activate a new way of thinking and believing.


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‘In good conscience’ A path to an authentic life’

Welcome top another episode of TOMCAST, dealing with the now generation. Life’s delays aren’t life’s denials, patience is gold.

Consider the interesting phenomenon to this generation which some may coin as the NOW GENERATION. An article about modern day packaging of goods, giving us some insight into the NOW GENERATION. They suggest that even the packaging must be gratifying as much as the product is.

Millennials care about the outside packaging as much as what is inside.

Growing up in a generation where patience was a much needed virtue just to survive, we desperately waited just for the fruit regardless of the packaging.

The local fish and chips shop would pile up old newspapers to package the product, saving every penny they could.

In a world of abundance and prosperity, we often forgo elements of life that create great moments that are to be savoured and cherished.

We inject everything with speed hormones or chemically enhanced fertilisers to get more with less. We also do this to our body, mind and soul and forfeit the real meaning of timing is everything.

It was a great wise king who said, “timing is everything” ~ Solomon

A time to be born, a time to die

A time to sow, a time to reap

What we struggle with when it comes to timing, is the process.

Life is the process between being born and dying.

Growth is the process between sowing and reaping.

It’s in the living of a full life that makes death sweet.

It’s growing in all maturity that produces the most beautiful fruit.

The virtue of developing patience while we live a full life and grow in all maturity produces satisfaction during the race not just at the finish line. These individuals become influential right through their journey.

The NOW GENERATION gets obsessed with appearances rather than substance during the process so they try to speed things up before their time.

They say oak trees take between twenty to thirty years to produce fruit. The very thought of waiting decades to produce virtues of true meaning is so far out of the minds to a generation that can click and collect almost anything.

Unfortunately, no one can get instant wealth of wisdom despite the vast amount of instant knowledge. That knowledge must be proved through life experience to produce wisdom.

For all that it’s worth, my mother was right long before I gave her credit. The older she was, the wiser she became. Her few words became like hammers of meaning the older I became, go figure?

The virtue of marriage in its fullness can only be realised in decades of health and sickness, for poorer and riches, in good times and in bad.

Friendships that become stronger than blood are forged in war zones of victories and disappointments.

Sometimes the best thing that we can experience in life isn’t just the birth of a new opportunity but the patience not to rush, like we have done before. Perhaps this time we will slow right down and enjoy the journey rather than hesitate to get to the destination.

With absolute certainty, the fruit will be all the sweeter if we reach the end and patience becomes an overwhelming characteristic of our being rather than just the project itself or reaching the end becoming the total focus.

The thrill of savouring every moment of victory rather than just rushing to the next big thing, seeking the unfulfilling and empty rush.

With over eighteen years of pastoring people, ten years of property management and the last few years of leadership consulting, patience would have to be the one area most ambitious individuals struggle with; yet patience is that one quality we all desperately need to maximise quality of life.


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‘In good conscience’ A path to an authentic life’

Inner conflict and misguided vulnerability that separates the best of friends and closest of lovers, doesn’t have to be.

The very idea of disappointment and that feeling of being let down by our inner circle is as old as time.

In the modern world of cheap connections and disloyal collaborations, it’s no surprise that we go from one broken relationship to another.

Working through relational problems becomes more difficult with the ease of movement and the expanse of choice.

On the one side, it has liberated countless individuals from being bullied or used by stronger individuals.

On the flip side, it has hindered a maturity process through a lack of commitment and the development of interpersonal skills being realised.

Up until the last couple of hundred years of world wide urbanisation, we know that most people lived within community in rural settings. The advantage of such settings created opportunities for individuals to hone and develop skills to keep the tribe together.

The tribe created social well-being that many corporations and government agencies struggle to emulate through Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

As difficult as vulnerability an trust is, human beings still look for their tribe in the modern world.

Sports clubs, business associations, corporations, churches, arts centres etc… all seek to provide safe spaces where individuals can express themselves in their purist form and thrive.

Even the family unit is that place that despite the divorce rate still going through the roof, individuals want to find someone they can be vulnerable with.

So why do we hide from those that love us most and we love most?

We often don’t recognise that part of truly loving and being loved requires transparency that we have no control over.

Transparency of not rising to the challenge of others or our expectations

Transparency of adaptation and yielding our selfishness to serve for the greater good

Transparency of seeing weakness in others and the opportunity of protecting that weakness

New relationships are quite funny to observe. Individuals project who they want the other person to see. Transparency has very little to do with the relationship in the early stages.

Only time will test wether a new relationship has depth and longevity. The relationship must face crucibles of fire from time to time to test its validity and intent.

Hiding our weaknesses is natural to the general population but it gets more difficult to hide them within the tribe. Social Media has mastered the art of hiding from any meaningful relationship and masquerades itself as the ultimate tribe.

It was St Paul who struggled with plenty of weaknesses as he went from village to village establishing christian communities. He prayed that God would take away his weaknesses, thinking that they were a hinderance to building sound communities. Paul realised at some point of his maturity development that his weaknesses were in fact a binding agent to creating stronger communities.

“When I am weak, I am strong” St Paul

Every one of us has the opportunity like St Paul of becoming stronger and building lasting healthy relationships by being more vulnerable. The capacity of failing more in the right direction rather than projecting perfection seems to create marriages and friendships that are attractive and enviable.

Perhaps you are struggling with hiding from those that love you most and you love most when you could be benefiting from them in your time of weakness.

My suggestion, don’t write them or yourself off too quickly. Great relationships go through the fire, no exceptions.

When I take on clients, it’s amazing how much time it takes to build trust so that the real blockages can be revealed and the power transparency be felt.

If you would like to understand more on the impact of having a value system that brings lasting contentment and actioning it in your every day life, perhaps have a look at a number of services I provide, by going to tomsmilovitis.com

Welcome to a new episode of TOMCAST, Today is the best day to be happy, only because life is way too short not to.

I sent a message to about fifty of my business friends and associates, wishing them a blessed Easter. I received an interesting response by one of them who is a high net individual.

Hi Tom, the best of the season to you. Ownership is just an illusion, we only have things for a fleeting moment and the more we have the less we enjoy them cheers 🍻

His response triggered my thinking for this blog episode.

Why is it that we strive to attain more and like my business friend states, “The more we have, the less we enjoy..”?

The illusion that fulfilment is out there waiting for us becomes more apparent the longer we strive, the harder we strive, so why do we keep striving?

Maybe we feel the fear of settling if we choose to be happy with what we have, as though being happy today breaks some sort of sacrilegious law.

Maybe some struggle being happy today as though it will destroy motivation for achieving more.

I believe the contrary is true.

Being content (fulfilled) with what we have today has the following benefits and attributes to achieve great exploits in life.

If we take time to acknowledge what makes us happy, it reveals a lot about our make up. It’s at this point, we may need to adjust our values or reap the consequences of them.

Happiness is not something in the never never, happiness is as close as we want it to be.

I’ve seen happy drug addicts or alcoholics as long as the drugs and alcohol are plentiful. I’ve also experienced happiness to a degree, like the drug addict or alcoholic, when everything goes my way. How am I or you better than the addict? What if life throws us a curve ball, can we still be happy?

How do we become happy today?

1. Look how far you have come and celebrate regularly junctions of achievements.

2. Bring others with you on the path, you can’t celebrate happiness alone.

3. Setbacks aren’t failures, they are new pathways being formed for greater outcomes that lead to happiness or contentment.

4. Don’t take yourself so seriously, most success is a condition of luck and favour. We tend to forget how we stumbled into the opportunity and how others opened doors on our behalf.

Happiness therefore is a state of mind. It was Saint Paul who described contentment, not as a destination but a state of being. He confesses how he reached great heights of success and failures that should’ve destroyed him yet in the process he discovered the secret to contentment.

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”

Paul reveals life’s journey is not about attainment of something but an evolution of becoming a complete human being. To be complete or find happiness today comes at the cost of letting go of false ideas of what happiness is and what it is not.

Do you find yourself wanting more and like my business friend says, “The more you have, the less happy you become”?

Maybe it’s an opportunity to reassess life’s value systems and renew your state of mind.

If you would like to understand more on the impact of having a value system that brings lasting contentment and actioning it in your every day life, perhaps have a look at a number of services I provide, by going to tomsmilovitis.com .

Too many of us go through life forgetting to dream.

Welcome to a new episode of TOMCAST, Is Corporate Chaplaincy going to be the next best thing? We know Corporate Social Responsibly Policies (CSR) are often a cover up for No Social Responsibility.

Who, in our sphere of influence is committed to serving with a good conscience, over titles, power and hardest of all, ego?

When you find such a person, pay them well but not too much that they forget to stay humble and not too little that they struggle to make ends meet. This person will be like a valiant soldier, fighting for the greatest outcomes for everyone.

A person who is led by a good conscience is hard to bribe or manipulate. They are also compelled to find win win outcomes. They see titles as a means to an end, they have no need for others to condescend to a level of honour that isn’t truly earned.

Let’s address first, the problem with Corporate Social Responsibility Policies, (CSR Polices).

Like any law that is designed to prevent harm from happening in society, laws are also designed to be broken by the unscrupulous, and to control the behaviour of the masses.

CSR Policies, are often just another tick in the box that create the appearance of healthy social behaviour without the proper checks and balances.

This is the arena where predators thrive. Those in positions of authority who go unchecked and the silence becomes the great tool of permissiveness.

1. The silence of someone afraid to lose their job, so they don’t or feel they can’t speak up.

2. The silence of bullying under the guise of strong management or charismatic showmanship.

3. The silence of CSR Policies, where the policies are so litigious, only those without a good conscience are aloud to bring its enlightened interpretation.

4. The silence that the CSR Policy is doing its job under pretence, or it’s someone else’s problem.

There are many more silences which allow corporate toxic culture to thrive.

It’s not until an individual or small group of whistle blowers who have the courage to lose everything to set the records straight, that we pay attention.

It doesn’t have to be, to set the right culture in place. You have to ask the following questions in order for this to take place.

Who sets the tone of corporate culture?

Who checks the tone of corporate culture?

While the CEO, Managing Director, Principle or other Executive Committees that may set the charter of corporate culture through their own ethic and character, very few can see consistency to bring flow through to the different layers of the organisation.


Often the leader of an organisation has restricted limits regardless of how conscientious they are or skilled to lead with a good conscience. They may exemplify the greatest quality of character, yet they are always at the mercy of those they entrust to lead at various levels of their enterprise.

This is where the right Corporate Chaplain can carry the culture and influence it right through the organisation. They enable a transparency throughout the workforce that may otherwise be taken advantage of by just having CSR Policies in place, without someone leading the charge consistently.

1. The right Corporate Chaplain is impartial to power plays.

2. The right Corporate Chaplain has access to everyone without restriction.

3. The right Corporate Chaplain is led by the highest of impulses, to follow good conscience more than any other impulse. They hear all sides of an issue and encourage all parties to communicate, rather than advising specifically.

The Corporate Chaplain has a unique opportunity to promote and evangelise the greatest qualities of Corporate Vision, by not being locked into a position with a specific scope other than influencing a Social Conscience.

It takes a courageous leader to entrust their vision to the Corporate Chaplain type, knowing that true influence comes from heart to heart.

The Return On Investment by introducing the right Corporate Chaplain pays out in spades, far more than any training program or ethics committee.

I have had the privilege of putting the above to the test in different arenas. With over forty years interest in human behaviour and encouraging individuals to be their very best, this idea of creating a good social conscience in the work place is absolutely possible.

No matter what your industry, Corporate Chaplaincy, will give you the ability to achieve the greatest outcomes with the lowest collateral damage. Whether the outcomes are financial growth, going the distance, most just want to keep their sanity to continue their pursuit of what they treasure most in life.

The Corporate Chaplain can be the catalyst to open conversations that lead to healing from ongoing gridlocks. Be it in an individual life feeling hopeless, a team seeking synergy or an executive just needing a trusted professional friend.

The Corporate Chaplain is that safe space to create flow.

The ultimate Corporate Chaplain in history and my example of what I have shared in this leadership thought is Jesus.

He held no public office, he owned nothing but the clothes and wares he could carry from village to village to fulfil His itinerant ministry; yet with his teachings he held kings to ransom and gave the most vulnerable a voice.

If you would like to understand more on the impact of having a good conscience and actioning it in your every day life, perhaps have a look at a number of services I provide, by going to tomsmilovitis.com .

My latest program on Corporate Chaplaincy is ideal for any organisation that is keen to introduce a good conscience behaviour at every layer of the enterprise. From the boardroom to the cleaners closet, this program cleans up toxic cultures and births best practices of the human condition.

In good conscience, a path to an authentic life

Tom Smilovitis

‘Unlocking potential’

Welcome to a new episode of TOMCAST, The clarity of stillness, helps combat the WRETCHED CHATTER. WHY I SWITCH MY PHONE OFF!

God does not shout over our busyness to make Himself heard. Be still and hear God speak.

The clarity of stillness

Silence can be the loudest experience for some of us when our soul is not rested. We tend to busy ourselves with more outer chatter. More noise to overcome the inner loud voice that has no pause or stop button.  We keep going and going until a breakdown happens, rather than a breakthrough.

A number of years ago, my son and I took three days to do a 3500km charity drive throughout the north of Western Australia. While in the desert, I took photos of the incredible silence of the Australian outback. Nothing but nature at its best! It is often in these times you get a sense of how much time we waste on idol and meaningless chatter.

The secular world has mastered the art of avoiding the voice of God or the silent voice of conscience, by bending to the idolatry of busyness. The busier we get, the less we hear our conscience, that part of us that protects us from self destruction.

We often try and justify ourselves by achievements rather than being at peace with our conscience. I have been guiltiest of all.

I often ask individuals that have that burnt out look on their face, or, hear it in the tone of their voice, “When is your next holiday?”. It is amazing to watch the creative excuses pour out, why they are too busy to take time out. Just having a healthy uninterrupted lunch break seems to be out of their reach. The idea of leaving work early or just switch the phone off for a few hours is too much to ask.

I remember the days I lifted myself on such a high Pedestal. I thought the world would collapse if I wasn’t always at the helm, steering every decision. I metaphorically patted myself on the back more times than I can remember, thinking of how much I achieved. The reward for such busyness, was the growing loneliness that set in, and the chatter that increased in my head.

Fact: I became a brilliant manager, worshiping achievement. I also became a terrible leader of self governing and devaluing the human experience. I treated myself harshly and I treated those around me with contempt because I was addicted to achievement. In all my achievements, I was longing for peace and meaning. The more I achieved, the louder the chatter became in my head.

Some years ago I made a radical decision to rid myself of the chatter or at least minimise it in my head. We all know the unnecessary dramas that constantly try to creep into our souls. Chatter, that is like unwanted weeds, in the most beautiful patch of grass.

How did the world ever survive without phones?, and in recent years the double edged, smart phone? I suspect people have become lazier, less creative and far more dependent on instant answers rather than being patient and planning things through. They have replaced craftsmanship, quality of character and longevity for short term gain, the praise of strangers. Yet the chatter remains.

My confession,

For over eighteen years as a pastor and a further ten years as a shopping centre manager, my phone was on 24/7. In all those years, answering my phone at all hours, rarely, if any of these phone calls, needed to be answered with the urgency they were made. Being the people pleaser that I was, I became the fool, as the worlds most gullible punching bag for other people’s dramas, inconsistencies and melt downs.

These days I try to be present with those in front of me. I want to give my full attention to the task I’m working on, including my sleep or rest time. The only way to achieve this is by controlling the amount of disruptions that look to infiltrate my life. Disruptions that eat away the peace that I value so much.

The temptation,

The superstar mentality, the people pleaser curse, the desire to be liked will always be grabbing for our attention. As mentioned in the opening statement, I am guiltiest of all. As a get older, I find it easier to drop the chatter once I recognise it creeping in.

Our soul can make its greatest choices in the silence, the quieter it is, the greater the creative juices flow.

Choose this course rather than be at the beck and call of everyone else’s whim.

Constant chatter grinds at the core of our being.

Constant chatter keeps us unnecessary busy, confused and fearful.

Our choice to be silent helps us from overreacting, allows perspective to take place for clear decision making.

Silence stirs up the possibilities, it guards us against the chattering bandits that seek to steal our centre, where God speaks clearly and our conscience is aligned. 

How is the chatter going in your head?

If you are in a season where where chatter is consuming your mind and you are looking for renewal, consider Tom Smilovitis LEADERSHIP ‘Unlocking Potential’

We are more than fodder for the economic machine, we are fearfully and wonderfully created to live a life of meaning. It’s time to hear God’s voice and align our conscience.

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