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Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST,

My dad rarely danced, but when he did, he did it with soul and spirit.. a great way to live. If you are going to do anything in life, do it with all your heart.

Popularity is the least of my concerns, influence is where its at!

Can I influence you in such a way that you dare to view the world differently, even for a moment? From there it’s really about influencing you to be optimistic, hope filled and pragmatically making things happen.

I write as an outlet to what I do, not just what I think. Thinking alone is futile, thoughts must be tested. My blogging is an extension of my wild upbringing in a migrant home, my community work and business dealings.

Growing up as a Greek/ Macedonian migrant in Australia, story telling is in my blood.

My family, especially my father and uncles were the most charismatic oral story tellers that stirred the imagination. I’m just following in their footsteps.

Ironically, the very idea of blogging is laughable. I failed school, leaving at fourteen years of age. Teachers encouraged my friends to keep away from me because I was a terrible influence.

I’ve never been one to conform, I love the idea of transformation rather than compliance.

Rather than relying on the gift of verbal communication, I started to read and write at seventeen years of age. My teachers were partially correct, I’ve always been an influencer.

People and life experiences are my huge interest. Blogging and writing is my way of sewing it all together in the hope of being a positive influence in someone’s life.

English is my second language. I have no formal schooling and I’m married to an English Literature Teacher. The odds are against me.

Blogging and writing is still one of my worst fears. I battle with it continuously in order reach further and add value to the world. I’m getting better by the day and hope to be a ray of light in your life through my quirky views of the world.

I encourage you to face your fears head on. By doing so, they may give way to greater opportunities in life.

What hinders you from all that you dream about?

Dream big, act big.

I have an incredibly blessed life by the Grace of God and my following tag line is my everyday experience.

“Stirring the imagination – Connecting people to possibilities”

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST,

A trailblazer is often regarded as an innovator, pioneer, the first to achieve something.

They are perhaps some of the most misunderstood individuals.


They see things that don’t seem to be seen by others.

They construct solutions where others only see the problem.

They execute what they see in their mind’s eye and keep moving forward as though a path is set out for them.

They are most comfortable where the path appears most difficult.

The trailblazer’s challenge will always be

1. Convincing others what they see.

2. Convincing others to come on a journey with them.

3. Convincing others to enjoy the journey as much as they do.

That being said, most trailblazers are happy to go it alone and are equally exhilarated when others join.

If you come across a genuine trailblazer, I hope you catch what they have, you’ll never be the same.

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST,

To even talk about prayer in a world dominated by science, government control and economic dependency seems futile. But prayer works in the midst of these dominating forces and even where angles fear to tread.

To the pragmatist without faith, prayer is nothing but defeat on legs.

To the faith filled, prayer leads us to a pragmatic path that seems irrational at times and overly optimistic.

When laws are or aren’t in place to protect the helpless, the prayer filled person acts nonetheless.

When the possibility of an outcome seems completely hopeless in the natural world, the prayer filled person rises to the challenge and builds bridges of possibilities.

Prayer acknowledges two things

1. We are not alone in the universe.

The creator of all things that put all the laws of the universe in place, is greater than the science we discover.

The creator of the universe is not just a force, energy or vibe. The creator is a person that relates to humanity with all its complexities.

When I first grasped this simple truth in my teen years, it changed everything about how I viewed the world, which led me to pray, pray, pray..

My initial prayers were like a baby to a parent. Give me, give me, give me!!! I struggled when I didn’t get what I thought I wanted out of life.

As I matured over the years, prayers were, teach me, teach me, teach me.

Prayer is aimed at building a relationship with our creator.

We are not alone

2. Prayer or the lack thereof teaches us a lot about our selves

Like obstinate children refusing to grow up or like open children wanting to mature, prayer reveals a lot about what’s going on in our heart.

It’s not unique to see humanity despise the creator and take all the credit for their achievements. These are the ones that deny the existence of God and make themselves godlike. This is ancient and not something new coming from science. It’s a form of idolatry when we make ourselves greater than the creator.

Don’t underestimate the prayer of a humble person relying of God’s Grace to fill voids in a life that success, science and human knowledge alone can’t.

A prayer filled person leans on God daily and patiently waits to be justified if need be, that prayer triumphs self enthronement.

If you are in a place where the obstacles of life seem overwhelming, pray and let’s see what God will do.

Knowing Him is the prerequisite of the meaning to life, from there, all things are possible.

He can move the mountains that are in your way.

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST,

We often attribute reality to the world we see, rather than reality being the world we create with our mind.

A promise of a new world through thought and speech. Thinking through, speaking out and acting on God’s blueprint must produce fruit that matters most.

Talk is cheap, show me the desired outcome. We get what we think and say.

A new reality through three simple laws

1. Law number one

We have control over the thoughts that run through our mind.

Not every thought needs our full attention.

Our thoughts are conjured up by

a. Our past and current experiences

b. Our knowledge that is stored up

c. The voices of all those around us, be it a loved one, enemy, our work space, the media etc..

We have full control which thoughts we use to create reality.

Our reality does not have to be another’s version of who they say we are.

2. Law number two

We must deliberately structure our life through thought and then activate it through speech.

Speech and the written word have an incredible dynamic to them. They solidify fantasy from reality.

What we think and say produces what we physically see.

When we think and say negative words, we activate matter into our lives to bring those thoughts and words to life.

When we think and say positive words, we activate matter into our lives to bring those thoughts and words to life.

3. Law number three

Free Will is at the centre of all thought.

Unlike computers, we are not preprogrammed what to think, we have Free Will.

We are not machines. The difference between humans and artificial intelligence is, we are not artificial, we are real.

We are created in God’s image, having all the attributes of God. An ability to create through thought and the spoken word.

The only difference between humans and God is, we are not God and God is God.

We are to give homage to Him as creator of all which gives us access to His authority over all.

A full demonstration of God’s work in the area of Mind over Matter was exemplified through the life of Jesus Christ.

He spoke healing into the sick body and the sick were made whole.

He spoke to the storm and the weather patterns changed by His word, the storm calmed.

He defied nature by walking on water and many other areas of the natural world.

He ultimately defied death, speaking about His own resurrection. He offers forgiveness of sin and the promise of a new life to anyone who believes.


Friends, marriages, families, communities… can all do with forgiveness on a regular basis.

New beginnings through a new way of thinking.

The greatest gift He gave to humanity was the Free Will to accept His forgiveness. Through His forgiveness we can tap into this whole area of mind over matter.

He gives us an ability to fully control the way we think. As a result, we can create new thoughts, pure thoughts filled with hope and optimism.

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST,

The miser is an interesting character, they look like the person next door, so don’t be surprised when you meet a real one.


They don’t have long pointy fingers like Mr Burns from the Simpsons. A miser isn’t as overt as Ebenezer Scrooge, the protagonist of Charles Dickens’ 1843 novel, A Christmas Carol. A cold-hearted miser who despises Christmas.

The miser is the person who is dying internally.

Simple yet profound definition of a miser.

a person who hoards wealth and spends as little money as possible.”a typical miser, he hid his money in the house in various places”

Let’s explore this spending little and hiding of wealth.

It doesn’t have to be about money, it can be about ability or hidden talent that gets wasted.

An amazing illustration about the waste of hidden talent that gets wasted, in an ancient parable.

A master had three servants, each were given an amount of resources to invest. Two of the servants did just that, investing the master’s resources with one goal in mind, get a return. The third servant did exactly the opposite, he hid his master’s resources and his excuse was, his master expected a return and he was too frightened to achieve any expectation.

The outcome for the three servants was universal to anyone who understands life. The first two brought back a healthy return and the third one brought back nothing accept the original amount.

The master was furious with the third servant and I’d suspect for three reasons.

1. He was lazy.

2. He didn’t respect the master’s choice of ability and wasted the master’s time and possessions.

3. He thought that he could get away with not achieving a thing with what was in his hands.

A miser has a view that everyone else owes them even if they don’t give back or invest. The miser hoards rather than works hard to see a constant return on their investment.

The miser even withholds from those who are owed a return.

The perfect picture of muzzling an ox while it works hard to tread out the grain. The ox is penalised only because the person who is in charge of the ox’s work can’t seem to enjoy even a beast enjoy the fruit of its labour.

Stay clear of the miser. They have no peace and they work hard at making sure you have no peace.

It’s the liberal soul that prospers, definitely not the miser.

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