The cleansing power of fire Over the past few weeks I’ve taken time out to get rid of everything that has come to the end of its life. Firstly, I took about twelve years of diaries and burnt every page in an afternoon. Sitting in my backyard by my fire pit tearing page after page of my life and throwing them into the fire. Every now and then I took a glimpse… Read More

In an age where we get instant information, very few find instant answers. The modern world with all its ease, it still doesn’t have the ability to calm the soul. We get to work faster, achieve a lot more, run from one meeting to another and still feel we’ve accomplished nothing. WHY? We are all created in the image of God, yet through false and poisonous mindsets we rob ourselves of all… Read More

A Miracle, one way of defining it, an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency. Another way of explaining it from my perspective, I was exhausted trying to figure out how to put my life in order. I had achieved everything I wanted or thought I wanted, and I was left empty. I got the girl, the family,… Read More

Many of you are large trees planted in small pots and it’s killing your soul. You must expand your horizons in order to discover your place in the Master’s garden. My wife transplanted a lemon tree from a large barrel pot into the garden a few days ago. The tree thrived for a season in the large barrel but turned for no apparent reason. When my wife removed it from the large… Read More

Men often don’t equip their children to talk from the heart in fearless transparency. This morning I reflected on my dad’s last words to me when I was 31 years old, after an operation that didn’t fare well. He said “I’m not coping!” Gasping for air with honest fear in his eyes. I reacted harshly to him in disbelief that he was fading away within minutes. He died just like that and… Read More

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