Welcome to a new episode of TOMCAST , called Tom Smilovitis LEADERSHIP, empowering the next generation to self govern. In March 2021, Tom Smilovitis LEADERSHIP launched a number of new services, the latest is called Corporate Chaplaincy and TOMCAST episodes. Through podcasts and personal training, the aim is to produce fresh ideas on leadership and personal development. Be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow TOMCAST. About Tom Smilovitis.  Leadership can… Read More

The term RESET isn’t necessarily positive or negative. In the following blog, it’s an opportunity to free our mind and life from false expectations we have of ourselves and life’s circumstances. We have all experienced the glitch (that temporarily malfunction or fault in equipment). The first thing that we have become accustomed to is switch everything off for a few seconds and then switch it on. The reset button is a God… Read More

The idea of virtual is not limited to the software world, it is as old as time. VIRTUAL – Something that exists in the mind and there’s an attempt to make it real Why Virtual Profiles Suck 1. We get trapped 24/7 projecting ourselves in an alternate universe where it’s hard to define where reality sits This is not limited to social media This happens everyday in the workplace where we project… Read More

Nothing worse than seeing someone step into roles they’re not suited to. It’s often the case when someone gets that promotion and they become miserable. To some, a promotion may end up being a demotion of the soul. They’ve gone from something they’re great at to the unfortunate mismatch of the square peg trying to fit a round hole. There’s no shame in loving what we do and being the best at… Read More

Casual Friday – For city Folk, it means not wearing a tie, for us, it’s a little bit more relaxed. What does an XCOP, XCRIM and an XPREACHER have in common? I often catch up with my oldest friend Mario on Fridays, we shoot the breeze and enjoy coffees at the beach. It’s good to disrupt our routine from time to time I felt to take to Mario to Shalom House, no… Read More

Clash of two worlds I watched this homeless man take a seat at the head of the table at Times Square and he just sat there watching the world go by. Joan Osborne’s song ‘One of us’ came to mind as I watched the world go by with him. ~ What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us Just a stranger on the bus Tryin’ to… Read More

Plan like you’ll live forever, live like it’s your last breath. It may sound morbid but I’ve always been fascinated by funerals, even taking photos with my vintage Agfa 35mm Camera back in the seventies at a family burial. I’m surprised no one stopped me and thought it may have been distasteful. Maybe they to saw the value of capturing moments in time like physical death that is irreversible. As I got… Read More

I raced my dog on a track and field and he didn’t stay in his lane, he just raced all over the field having fun. Then the thought occurred to me ‘The day I stopped running in the fictional white lines painted by my previous task masters was the day I discovered a new world’ I’m all for boundaries set by my creator, moral law, integrity. I can assure you, they are… Read More

Don’t judge a book by its cover The Lyndon-James’s family understand Social Capital at its finest I started hearing about this guy called Peter Lyndon-James some time ago and didn’t think much of it, just another story of a guy that went from the dark side to a fanatical religious side of life, or so I assumed. Having a real fascination for philanthropy and its purist form drew me to Peter time… Read More

Nothing makes a troll feel better than tarnishing your character as they create an unreal image of their power in your mind. It’s no different to the classroom or workplace bully. If you’re in the public space, let’s face it, you’ve become a target of Chucky, the undeveloped mind. Chucky is an undeveloped creature who only appears at night and when you’re vulnerable. Chucky unsettles every area of your life because we… Read More

What will you build in your lifetime? A man had two sons and he assigned each of them to build a house for themselves in a tired old town that showed prospect. It appeared to be a good investment for their future. The time came for the father to inspect what each son had built. He visited the first son who built his house on top of the hill overlooking the town… Read More

Children of unskilled, unlearned and non English speaking migrants 51 years today, 16th April 2019 My parents arrived at the Fremantle docks with all their woes and sorrows of poverty, civil war and hopelessness into the arms of a country that gave them a chance. My brother ended up getting two degrees, maths and music while working in the family business. I remember him doing his homework while the filo pastry was… Read More

I’m glad some people never retire I Just finished a great conversation with a semi-retired teacher/ educator who’s been doing her work for over forty five years Interesting observations through her eyes. 1. The world has changed so much and children aren’t being prepared for life. 2. Teachers get worn out by the system and the children get left behind 3. Government is way too slow to recognise the issues let alone… Read More

King Solomon ~ “There is an evil I have seen under the sun, Kings and rulers make grave mistakes when they give great authority to foolish people and low positions to people of proven worth”. I can understand parts of the world where autocratic rule and nepotism becomes the burden of the state. I can’t understand how free states with the democratic power to determine our own destiny gets derailed; unless we… Read More

The anchor of a city is the promise it gives. Reshaping, rebuilding to fully appreciate what’s in our midst. 100,000 more residents, students and tourists filling the Perth CBD void, which is required to create an enviable vibrant global city. Perth is Safe, Clean and open for business. What some call a boring City is what others recognise as opportunity personified. If there was a time to move to Perth CBD, it’s… Read More

I was privileged to speak to about fifty young men aged between eighteen and thirty in a Perth prison along with prison officers and the prison director. I also had a couple of construction site managers. an x-police officer and an indigenous leader come along for the ride. These young prisoners are incredibly intuitive and they’re expecting yet another Do-Gooder program. Never underestimate Street-Smarts. Why would I even be so optimistic or… Read More

I know nothing about prisons, the workings of a criminal mind or how the systems of incarceration facilities operate to minimise recidivism. What I do know is, we can dramatically change the current outcomes by introducing a consciousness of moral law. The most basic method of group thought and group control is routine. Routine has the ability to manipulate and manufacture a semblance of order while the storms brew in the souls… Read More

There is something disturbing about the silence of an unchartered track, especially when we make the shift from the safe path to the unknown. While most people can get frustrated by routine, rarely will they give it up in order to explore possibilities. The day we launch our new business and open the doors, the anxiety or gut wrenching feeling until the first customer buys our goods and services. The day we… Read More

I had a catch up with the General Manager of Hanssen Construction just before Christmas and he gives me a gift, my now new coffee cup that I use each morning. Reminding me that ‘The Job is the Boss’ What job? I heard this term some years ago when attending manager site meetings on various construction jobs. During the meetings, they’d often heat up and managers would look to blame someone for… Read More

2018 greeted me with a series of medical checks My glasses are thicker, I had my first rear tooth mola removed and then things get a little more intense. Mid year I welcomed a five inch scar along my lower spine after a procedure to remove a malignant melanoma and to finish off the year, I had my first colonoscopy. When did I turn into that guy? One minute I’m young without… Read More

How many would close a business because it’s going too well? Hardly, however there are some things more important than popularity. For me, it’s the validation of authenticity and no one can answer that but ourselves. There is nothing I hate worse than forever talking about yesterday’s victories, we must be current in our victories if we are to survive and thrive. Back in December 2016 after seven years of social media,… Read More

As a Chaplain to one Australia’s largest high rise construction companies, represented by hundreds of workers from over 60 nationalities, my role was stealth until a need arose. (Run for a friend ; was a suicide awareness campaign we rolled out over a period time to help people open up about their struggles) The following story depicts why such campaigns are encouraged and that no one should be left behind. The young… Read More

It was a privilege to connect my old Pastor friend of 38 years with my my first boss, my cousin from my teenage years, to reignite life to this old reception centre in the city of Swan. This building on the corner of Great Northern Highway and Toodyay Road, Middle Swan was full of life in its heyday. Imagine over 800 people congregating between this building and the restaurant next door close… Read More

In a world riddled with uncertainty, the fabric of society is held together not by mortar alone. Connectivity and safety in society cannot be drummed into our boys with anti bully slogans or the threat of discipline from a heartless system. Our girls ought to feel safe without thinking twice. A father’s heart raises the sons of a city to have the fortitude of a warrior, ready to defend its city as… Read More

Love is a word least likely to appear in a building contract or a developers feasibility, yet love guarantees sustainability. Having spent the past forty years of my career in family business, the not for profit and the property sector, I’m convinced ‘Love is what keeps us together’ Love, compassion, mercy and justice are the fabric of the human experience world wide. The more we try to legislate these terms, we ruin… Read More

We must acknowledge the end of a season and reflect on how good that season was, otherwise we’ll miss the whole point of compassion. Making a difference comes in seasons There’s a time to sow and there’s a time to reap, smart people know the difference and there’s definitely a time to let the soil rest and replenish, preparing for the next season. Life is a long game and those that make… Read More

On my morning walk during a quick trip up in Karatha, Red Dog territory, I noticed a man with one golf club and a touch at 5am. I trapped him into a quick conversation, it’s not everyday you see someone playing golf in the dark. He’s a local doctor who shared his story. He’s past the age of retirement yet he had the energy of someone in his prime. It wasn’t so… Read More

If you are interested in a chat, message me on WhatsApp with the button to the right hand bottom corner of this page or email me direct on and we can arrange to meet if you’re in Perth, Western Australia or zoom chat anywhere in the world. Who knows what light could come from a chat?

These are the individuals that capture possibilities in their imagination first as they walk towards their dreams, not even realising they awaken the sleepy conscience of everyone in their path. These types of Leaders aren’t too interested in gaining a following. They are keen to unleash other leaders with a wild imagination, encouraging them to put legs to their dreams as they are doing. To experience freedom, we must be willing to… Read More

It’s a natural tendency to lose touch of the working class person or the battler the busier we get and the more reliant we become on advisors. The crowd starts to fade and the information we receive becomes generic. Generic information is how we become complacent and lose the confidence of the masses. The temptation to stop investigating to get down to the real issues gets harder the higher we rise in… Read More

A couple of weeks ago I woke up early and felt that I needed to honour one of Perth’s elders. Only room for twelve – Keep it small and intimate I sent a text to about fifteen young leaders and invited them to hear ninety three year old John Stefanelli Senior share about his life and then open it up for questions. I asked them also to invest in themselves and donate… Read More


The perfectionist struggles to experience growth for fear of failure. Always planning and seeking 99.9% in their theoretical results which makes them fail to launch in the real world. By seeking excellence we acknowledge failure is very much a part of the growing experience. Unless we are willing to fail miserably from time to time, we won’t know the adrenaline rush between achieving something great and perhaps flopping miserably in front of… Read More

We don’t have to be rich to practice philanthropy It was 4am and I had a McDonalds breakfast in a bag hoping to find a hungry soul, breakfast in exchange for a story. His face looked familiar, the face of yet another stranger who lost their way. He was happy to share his story and what a story it was, he was new to the street community. Bob tells me how connected… Read More

Choosing to be ignorant of how goodwill works in community is not an excuse. Corporate and civil social responsibility is everyone’s business. You don’t palm this off to some make-believe GOODWILL department or PR department. It’s everyone’s role to create good-will. Am I my brother’s keeper? is the very first story in Judo/Christian teachings of foul play in the home. When a brother is killed and buried out of jealousy. Cain is… Read More

Boxer walks around a construction site with a sense of urgency and purpose, like name like character. Boxer is one of those rare people that reminds me of the marble in a paint can, when the can is shaken the paint mixes well because of the marble. Guys like Boxer bring order to urgency as he challenges men sixty years younger than him to work ethically and not cut corners. I’ve heard… Read More

They show potential and the blood thirst of the economy must be fed so small business is encouraged at all costs. Modern-Day Gladiators, practicing their skills when no one is watching, waiting for the day they get a shot in the arena. The arena (THE MARKET PLACE) is packed to the brim, represented by every corner of the world. Watching from above are mum and dad, corporates, scouts, speculators and the governors…. Read More

Updated June 2020 and the positive narrative continues. Seven years on and it’s still happening, wholesome leaders empowering people to build amazing structures in Perth’s high-rise horizon. pic taken at Langley Park nurturing good mental health and suicide awareness, a Hanssen campaign ‘run for a friend ;’ September 2018, I concluded a five year personal challenge to make a difference in the building industry within my sphere of influence. I was invited… Read More

Willing to risk and jump into the unknown, we were called migrants In 1968, coming towards the port of Fremantle, my mother looked at the flatness of the land, with no buildings and said to my dad, “Where are we going to find work here?” Like most migrants to Australia, they arrived from countries with ancient cities, established cultures and a rich heritage. Migrants, like my parents didn’t waste any time once… Read More

The moment we start writing our CV, we begin to define ourselves. I assure you that you are better than your CV, no matter how exaggerated it is.  Often a CV will try to identify qualifications, experience and character by its author, unfortunately the reader will read it completely different. Slaves employ slaves The CV tells the world we have a need, we are on the market and we are willing to… Read More

My childhood rubbish tip turned into a bird sanctuary with parks and gardens. I can’t help but believe there’s far greater ways to create urban cities that capture the holistic advantages of nature. A concrete jungle geared purely towards commerce costs far more than being nature minded as we inhabit. Suburbs have distanced many from nature’s healing powers, isolating many by the paper thin fences that guard our land. The suburbs struggle… Read More

Give yourself permission to get up close and personal and deal with the bully with a smile. As a mentor, I find it incredibly rewarding watching the underdog stand their ground to a bully. Two outcomes may happen 1. Individuals learn the art of self governing as they stand their ground in the workplace 2. The bully comes down a notch and lives with the rest of us on the ground Yes,… Read More

“It takes Time, so have the long view – Develop patients with people – Have respect for nature, it’s a great teacher” ~ John Steffaneli The three gems I gleaned at the end of our conversation from John’s vast business and life experience. From a wood-mill, tree plantations, cattle, fishing charters, tyres, news paper, developments, shopping centre or commercial properties of which John knew very little about when migrating to Australia, he… Read More

Two years later, prisoners are on new paths because something happened that day. The room is empty and the prison guards prepare to bring in about fifty young men, average age, low twenties. These young men are in the prime of life and stuck behind walls paying back to society their time in exchange for their wrongs. What am I going to do and say that will challenge them to get out… Read More

God does not shout to make himself heard, be still and hear God speak. Silence can be the loudest experience for some of us when our soul is not rested. We tend to busy ourselves with more chatter, more noise until a breakdown happens rather than a breakthrough. Taking photos while doing a charity drive with my son in the north of Western Australia, enjoying the silence of the Australian outback. The… Read More

Mentoring in Construction is a tough gig, Gerry was my doorway. The following is my story and intro into the high rise construction industry in Perth Western Australia through construction Boss, Gerry Hanssen. Gerry has become a friend and mutual agitator to make a difference in the lives of people and the building industry. ‘The job is the boss’ – A term that defines Gerry Hanssen.  At a distance Gerry can appear… Read More

The razor edge of authority Authority is likened to the razor edge of a surgeons scalpel and the two razor edges of a warriors sword. The scalpel- Knowing when to use the scalpel by mentoring others and surgically removing the cancers that eat away at a persons life. The two edged sword – Knowing when to strategically attack when the threat of an enemy approaches. The inexperienced leader will often use a… Read More

run for a friend ; Run for a friend ; is an idea that was fostered out of a tragedy when my youngest daughter shared that a close friend of hers took her own life. My daughter and I discussed how we can make Beth’s short-lived life count and decided to launch ‘run for a friend ;’. The semicolon has become symbolic of suicide survivors, meaning individuals put a pause in their… Read More

Looking for significance rather than job security. I’ve known Chris for over two decades and our paths have passed in recent years through the amazing world of social media. For years I had the privilege of using vehicles like Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram, sending out daily messages in the hope of challenging the audience to fight the temptation of mediocrity. I endeavoured to the best of my ability to live a life… Read More

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