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When the teachers thought you were the least likely to succeed When you were overlooked for that promotion or job opportunity When you’ve failed at numerous attempts to start a lucrative business No one has ever heard of you All the above would be considered as having the underdog status moving forward 1. Being a no body is an underdog’s advantage You get to practice new strategies and disciplines not yet adopted… Read More

Luck’s simplest definition : success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. Wether we want to call it luck, favour or blessing, the very idea that we can invoke an outcome not directly connected to a specific scientific act of cause and effect is exciting. Most of humanity believes in some sort of luck, we just package it differently. How do we attract luck, favour or blessing?… Read More

It’s difficult to find the person who coined this phrase, ‘Lead, follow or get out of the way’. I’ll guarantee they were decisive and not double minded. Lead If we ever take the lead position, be prepared for the following – People will challenge us and rightly so. Everyone has different expectations of leaders. We must lead with a sense of purpose and have the ability answer for ourselves – Help bring… Read More

Discipline is definitely a key to progress, until our disciplines lock us up We all know those people who won’t break routine. Their routine has become their good luck charm and with that comes mental superstition. – It was a particular routine that helped us in the past and we fear to let it go – Our routine is so comfortable now, it hardly takes discipline – We fail to see that… Read More

Anger is one of those emotions that needs to be preserved and used with absolute discretion 1. No one loses the temper, they simply direct it When someone tells you they lost their temper and couldn’t help lashing out, be weary of that person, don’t be sympathetic Like most emotions, anger is one that can be harnessed and dealt with It’s amazing to see people change their manner when different people are… Read More

How do we influence society to do the best they can without enforcing too many rules 1. The devil is not in the detail, the devil is in the lack of vision The day we create a vision far larger than anyone’s personal interest, is the day of an awakening As far as the detail is concerned, that will take care of itself People that are filled with a global outlook rather… Read More

Doubtful, miserable, fearful, anxious, uneasy, misgivings, apprehensive, troubled may be some of the ways we can describe worry With certainty, worry is a thief 1. Worry steals time It’s amazing to see how much unproductive time goes by when our mind races around in circles filled with worry An ancient teacher said to his students over 2000 years ago “Can anyone by worrying add a single hour to their life?” The answer… Read More

Restoring order, harmony, peace, mental wellbeing in a person or society is greatly connected to nature. Wether you are a practicing Christian like me or any other faith or even an atheist, we all have connection to the redeeming qualities of creation Recently I did a bush walk with a friend of mine who talked about Indigenous Australians and their connection to the earth. He referred to the earth as Mother “The… Read More

Leadership Development is an unseen process. We’ve heard the phrase ‘Fake it till you make it’ which is another way of admitting, not everything you see is authentic. 1. Who wants to admit that they don’t know what they are doing 2. Who wants to admit that they don’t have the motivation to keep going while they still go through the motions 3. The constant pressure to perform can get overwhelming No… Read More

There is a huge difference between training others and using them A Position Hog? They use their position to get their way and leave little room for others to grow 1. No one is ever good enough to do their job 2. They always come to the rescue and put out the fires (they discretely started) 3. Their frail ego is larger than the opportunity to help and equip others to succeed… Read More

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