If the skilled have no compassion or ethics, the world will forever have a skills shortage. There is room for so many more to prosper, according to their hunger and ability to skill-up. So why is there always a skills shortage? Not enough ethical common sense trainers. My father who was a Pastry Cook by profession shared with me how apprenticeships were nothing more than slave labor in his day. Dad would… Read More

There is nothing better than a well orchestrated event, yet few appreciate all the behind the scenes effort to create it. In the modern world of shallow experiences, we hardly appreciate what a real event looks, feels and tastes like. As a result of not appreciating the outcome of an event like an ancient wedding, we fail to take away the sacredness of its intent. What’s the role of a facilitator? Especially… Read More

Consider the interesting phenomenon to this generation which some may coin as the NOW GENERATION. An article about modern day packaging of goods, giving us some insight into the NOW GENERATION. They suggest that even the packaging must be gratifying as much as the product is. Millennials care about the outside packaging as much as what is inside. Growing up in a generation where patience was a much needed virtue just to… Read More

Inner conflict and misguided vulnerability that separates the best of friends and closest of lovers, doesn’t have to be. The very idea of disappointment and that feeling of being let down by our inner circle is as old as time. In the modern world of cheap connections and disloyal collaborations, it’s no surprise that we go from one broken relationship to another. Working through relational problems becomes more difficult with the ease… Read More

I sent a message to about fifty of my business friends and associates, wishing them a blessed Easter. I received an interesting response by one of them who is a high net individual. Hi Tom, the best of the season to you. Ownership is just an illusion, we only have things for a fleeting moment and the more we have the less we enjoy them cheers 🍻 His response triggered my thinking… Read More

Is Corporate Chaplaincy going to be the next best thing? We know Corporate Social Responsibly Policies (CSR) are often a cover up for No Social Responsibility. Who, in our sphere of influence is committed to serving with a good conscience, over titles, power and hardest of all, ego? When you find such a person, pay them well but not too much that they forget to stay humble and not too little that… Read More

Welcome to a new episode of TOMCAST, The clarity of stillness, helps combat the WRETCHED CHATTER. WHY I SWITCH MY PHONE OFF! God does not shout over our busyness to make Himself heard. Be still and hear God speak. Silence can be the loudest experience for some of us when our soul is not rested. We tend to busy ourselves with more outer chatter. More noise to overcome the inner loud voice… Read More

Welcome to a new episode of TOMCAST , ‘The moment we stop leading our own life, the cracks begin to appear’. As a young person, the very thought of getting old and our body becoming debilitated, seems too far in the future to seriously worry. In our youth, we breeze through so much. We take for granted the capabilities we have without much thought of harnessing or nurturing them. If we grasp… Read More

Welcome to a new episode of TOMCAST , called Tom Smilovitis LEADERSHIP, empowering the next generation to self govern. In March 2021, Tom Smilovitis LEADERSHIP launched a number of new services, the latest is called Corporate Chaplaincy and TOMCAST episodes. Through podcasts and personal training, the aim is to produce fresh ideas on leadership and personal development. Be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow TOMCAST. About Tom Smilovitis.  Leadership can… Read More

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow my podcast. Forgiveness is raw subject and many struggle to talk about it, yet the need for forgiveness is vital. Forgiveness is a must, if we want to experience a renewed mindset. Whether it’s in a family relationship, friendship or business connection, forgiveness plays a huge role in living a mentally healthy life. The very idea of… Read More

In a world addicted to social media and marketing gimmicks; too many of us spend endless amounts of time producing so little from our efforts. Jesus, the ultimate social media expert. He had three steps to attract lifetime customers from the crowd. Before we talk about the way Jesus built an enterprise lasting over two millennium; let’s discuss the futility of time wasting and job creation just to occupy time. It is… Read More

MAN TO MAN – When we hit Rock Bottom, it could be the beginnings of greatness “Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.”- Muhammad Ali. Reaching rock bottom The strength of the bedrock must be determined before great heights are… Read More

The very notion of considering a calling sounds way too mysterious for some and daunting for others. We don’t have to be the next Steve Jobs, who was foundational in changing the way we live through technology. We don’t even have to be the next Moses who went face to face with the living God to bring down another type of tablet with the inscription of God’s law. Why does a calling… Read More

How many would close a business because it’s going too well? Hardly, however there are some things more important than popularity. For me, it’s the validation of authenticity and no one can answer that but ourselves. Being pigeon holed by others is their prerogative. Pigeon holing ourselves is a travesty no matter how much success we achieve. We are more than what we do. There is nothing I hate worse than forever… Read More

Personal Development is not what you think it is As we come out of the Industrial Age of school classrooms, herd teaching and the promise of prosperity if we have the right education; personal development takes on a new role. The Industrial Age was a mind boggling era dragging millions out of poverty world wide only to drag them back into a poverty of mind. With a roof over our head and… Read More

We live in a day and age where anxiety is at an all time high rather than the ability believe. Belief & Anxiety are always battling for the same platform. Belief anticipates possibilities first and then works through the process Anxiety anticipates all that can go wrong and then is paralysed by all the unrealistic variables Belief acts – Anxiety freezes It was Jesus who said, “Truly I tell you, if you… Read More

Reflect Reboot Renew

The ability to momentarily reflect on things that matter can save years of agony. Human beings are terrible at thinking deeply or considering a better way of living. We are victims of our own making and being reactionary at best. Why is it that the divorce rate hasn’t changed and couples are opting more and more not to get married in the first place? Why is it senior management or greedy executives… Read More

Human beings love the idea of escaping the rat race and living a life of harmony. The over simplified meaning of rat race according to Wikipedia; A rat race is an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit. The phrase equates humans to rats attempting to earn a reward such as cheese, in vain. It may also refer to a competitive struggle to get ahead financially or routinely. With the rat race mindset, the… Read More

Leadership : The art of motivating a group of people or individuals to achieve an objective. Why use the term ‘Wholesome’ ~ The following words describe aspects of wholesomeness : Considerate, compassionate, healthy, thoughtful, generous, genuine, selfless Is it possible to get the absolute best out of people if we have a wholesome approach? 100% it is. The following three steps to create that winning team without being a bullish or a… Read More

Human beings have a fascination with the existence of God, the after life and the meaning of life beyond instinct. In ancient times, even the great Pharaohs, the heads of state and leaders of the people would try to immortalise themselves by burying treasures with them to bring to the afterlife. In 2020 the battle of faith verses science has not diminished, not by a long shot. The connection between hardship and… Read More

In a world that is bent on self destruction through violence, control and supremacy, there is still an art to winning over your enemy without a battle. A quote from Sun Tzu, The Art of War ~ ‘Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting’ In order to do this, every leader must have good intel, a capacity to interpret and a strategy to win. The role of the Armour… Read More

The world is changing rapidly when it comes to the value of labour. From the Industrial Age that created the fastest labour force in history, individuals have had a $ dollar value placed on their lives like a science. Governments implement minimum wage and benefits policies, businesses implement wages based on outcomes. Coming into a new world of artificial intelligence, traditional trades and skills vanishing and a new order of $ dollar… Read More

Team: A group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport, is the simplest definition. Wether it’s in sport, the corporate world or the not for profit sector, teams are imperative. Any coach worth their salt looks for talent in individuals that will compliment the team, it’s that simple. 1. Recognising Individual Talent The challenge with sourcing individual talent is not to get caught up in forcing talent but… Read More

Kindness : The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Kindness is not being astute, calculating and intentional in order to win or have an advantage; kindness wins by having a largeness of heart. In a hostile world that is very territorial, the very idea of kindness can appear weak and debilitating. It takes a courageous person to embark on the journey of kindness in order to create wholesome outcomes in society…. Read More

The simplest term in the Ancient Greek used in the Lord’s Prayer. Part of the prayer goes ‘Forgive us our debts as we forgive them indebted to us’ We all know that feeling of carrying the burden of our own failures and misgivings. Who doesn’t want to experience salvation (wholeness), that feeling of being complete. A sense that our internal debt has been wiped clean. Jesus taught a prayer and included the… Read More

Many of us have come across this quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” The very idea of good intentions, being hard working and trying our best is enough is a sure sign of risking perpetual seasons high anxiety. Every journey we take in life is different and must have a unique sense of direction, otherwise we unsuspectingly go around in circles. This is… Read More

I’ve had the privilege of working with many different individuals holding leadership roles. It’s fascinating how only a few of these leaders seem to glue their projects together with minimal effort, I call them Lateral Leaders My observations of these few and how they differ 1. The Lateral Leader has an overall vision of what the project looks like Like the thousand piece puzzle we buy in the shops, the end picture… Read More

When we talk about thinking outside the box; rarely is the concept adopted because we have to risk what we think we already know. There is nothing more comforting than knowing Knowing feels like an accomplishment Knowing how to add up numbers, write a sentence, putting a recipe together… the simple delight in just knowing When we talk about thinking outside the box, we have to risk aspects of what we know… Read More

The idea that a CEO, MD or Head of a department encouraging open conversation sounds noble, to see it played out is rare, why? Unless the Leader exemplifies open conversation to create that safe space, having any open door policy is futile An example of false open door communication that I experienced in my late teens I was supermarket storeman in my late teens and always connected well with the store manager… Read More

The world has never been more equiped to build stronger networks but human nature keeps breaking them down When we build gangs rather than create networks, the opportunities start to dwindle A gang: A group of identical or related items, is the simplest definition We start to look like each other, talk like each other, have a secret code, have an initiation There is an obvious good, but the seductiveness of the… Read More

Imagine someone calling you the light of the world, honouring you with such a heavy burden, what would you do? Many of us struggle to accept that we carry much light at all let alone be the light of the world. 1. It’s easy not to accept such an honourable calling – It allows us to hide in the shadows and not be responsible for those around us – It allows us… Read More

It’s true that we ought to remember where we’ve come from to help us understand where we are going. Unfortunately for many, our past becomes a holding pen where we keep going around in circles. Three reasons how our past holds us back 1. The past becomes our identity We either dwell in moments of our past where life was incredibly amazing or tragic, either way they entrap us and we allow… Read More

If we are to make impact in uncharted territory, we need to have the right team It’s the leaders role to know the destination, not necessarily the whole process of getting there Most leaders that seem to have all the answers stay in safe waters and rarely experience new opportunities In the industrial era we created a strange phenomenon of the overseer up in the factory office overlooking the workforce on the… Read More

Nature teaches us so much if we are open to it. When we look at a natural forrest, it develops an eco system where all sorts of living creatures survive as a result. Human beings are brilliant at taking elements of nature and creating controlled eco systems which produces quality fruit, we call this harvesting. When we consider how far humans have come from hunter gatherer to agriculture and our ability to… Read More

It’s interesting how the ancient word Evangelist has been adopted by technology companies with a simple definition of what a Technology Evangelist does ‘A technology evangelist is a person who builds a critical mass of support for a given technology, and then establishes it as a technical standard in a market that is subject to network effects’ ~ Wikipedia How to create a critical mass for your business idea? 1. You have… Read More

Even the beggar will get a return on their time invested on the streets, asking for a handout, why wouldn’t you succeed if you have a solution for someone. I’ve marvelled at the consistency of beggars as they systematically ask individuals for money. To them it’s a numbers game and they do it because it works. It’s not rocket science. If we have a unique product or service and we are not… Read More

Humans are brilliantly resilient, but when we no longer believe, the death cycle starts. Believe in what? Believe that people can change, including us Believe in unexpected opportunities Believe we can reinvent ourselves again and again Believe that life’s mysteries are beyond comprehension and we are part of a greater purpose Believe in unconditional love that renews us from great heartache and disappointment Believe in unity, family, community and the list continues… Read More

I attended a women’s lunch recently held in a vineyard, surrounded by tall trees, grass and grapevines. The ladies were dressed beautifully with soft music playing in the background by a couple of young ladies. The three female speakers of the day shared personal aspects of their life very openly Each speaker started and ended their stories with deep emotions. The women in the audience, approx one hundred ladies connected instantly with… Read More

We are not meant to know and do everything A great sign of leadership maturity and humility is knowing our own limitations Creating that magic team starts by reaching out for others to help How do we get the help needed 1. Leaders create a worthwhile vision that draws curiosity If people are to get involved, they need to see something worth contributing to In many ways, when we create a big… Read More

Over 2.45 Billion users log onto Facebook monthly, to travel the digital highway. With all that activity, very few go outside their tribe. Wether it’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Snapchat, the average connections are between 90 and 240 These figures don’t vary much to the average weekly or monthly attendance of a church, mosque or temple, social club… world wide They are also the average figures of attendance to funerals Many… Read More

Possessive, insecure, fearful, resentful, angry, an overwhelming sense of potential loss of relationship or possession Jealousy reveals itself in the most unusual settings and it doesn’t discriminate against kin or foe Jealousy can attack the closest of friends just as much and perhaps more so than an associate or neighbour 1. Jealousy starts with a suspicious whisper that we entertain in our heart before we spread the unfounded rumour 2. Jealousy is… Read More

The words we speak or don’t speak are not static, they carry life or death With our words we can disarm a volatile situation or inflame it 1. Practice speaking life in every situation, why? Our words and our tone reveal what’s going on in our heart They reveal our confidence, fears, prejudice, likes, dislikes and more importantly our ability wether we can influence wholesome change By practicing speaking life into existence… Read More

When the teachers thought you were the least likely to succeed When you were overlooked for that promotion or job opportunity When you’ve failed at numerous attempts to start a lucrative business No one has ever heard of you All the above would be considered as having the underdog status moving forward 1. Being a no body is an underdog’s advantage You get to practice new strategies and disciplines not yet adopted… Read More

Luck’s simplest definition : success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. Wether we want to call it luck, favour or blessing, the very idea that we can invoke an outcome not directly connected to a specific scientific act of cause and effect is exciting. Most of humanity believes in some sort of luck, we just package it differently. How do we attract luck, favour or blessing?… Read More

It’s difficult to find the person who coined this phrase, ‘Lead, follow or get out of the way’. I’ll guarantee they were decisive and not double minded. Lead If we ever take the lead position, be prepared for the following – People will challenge us and rightly so. Everyone has different expectations of leaders. We must lead with a sense of purpose and have the ability answer for ourselves – Help bring… Read More

Discipline is definitely a key to progress, until our disciplines lock us up We all know those people who won’t break routine. Their routine has become their good luck charm and with that comes mental superstition. – It was a particular routine that helped us in the past and we fear to let it go – Our routine is so comfortable now, it hardly takes discipline – We fail to see that… Read More

Anger is one of those emotions that needs to be preserved and used with absolute discretion 1. No one loses the temper, they simply direct it When someone tells you they lost their temper and couldn’t help lashing out, be weary of that person, don’t be sympathetic Like most emotions, anger is one that can be harnessed and dealt with It’s amazing to see people change their manner when different people are… Read More

How do we influence society to do the best they can without enforcing too many rules 1. The devil is not in the detail, the devil is in the lack of vision The day we create a vision far larger than anyone’s personal interest, is the day of an awakening As far as the detail is concerned, that will take care of itself People that are filled with a global outlook rather… Read More

Doubtful, miserable, fearful, anxious, uneasy, misgivings, apprehensive, troubled may be some of the ways we can describe worry With certainty, worry is a thief 1. Worry steals time It’s amazing to see how much unproductive time goes by when our mind races around in circles filled with worry An ancient teacher said to his students over 2000 years ago “Can anyone by worrying add a single hour to their life?” The answer… Read More

Restoring order, harmony, peace, mental wellbeing in a person or society is greatly connected to nature. Wether you are a practicing Christian like me or any other faith or even an atheist, we all have connection to the redeeming qualities of creation Recently I did a bush walk with a friend of mine who talked about Indigenous Australians and their connection to the earth. He referred to the earth as Mother “The… Read More

Leadership Development is an unseen process. We’ve heard the phrase ‘Fake it till you make it’ which is another way of admitting, not everything you see is authentic. 1. Who wants to admit that they don’t know what they are doing 2. Who wants to admit that they don’t have the motivation to keep going while they still go through the motions 3. The constant pressure to perform can get overwhelming No… Read More

There is a huge difference between training others and using them A Position Hog? They use their position to get their way and leave little room for others to grow 1. No one is ever good enough to do their job 2. They always come to the rescue and put out the fires (they discretely started) 3. Their frail ego is larger than the opportunity to help and equip others to succeed… Read More

I grew up in family businesses, from a bakery, fast foods and restaurants. They all revolved around repetitive processes. Each person was appointed to their own unique pole position to make the most out of human and product resources. I started at 12 years of age working in my uncles fish & chip shop answering the phone to take the orders. 1. I was assigned one job and it had to be… Read More

We attract who we are, not who we claim we are It doesn’t take long to recognise the motives in people once the acid is applied The origin of the ACID TEST that has become a phrase to test people’s capacities Gold prospectors and dealers need to be able to distinguish gold from base metal. The original acid test was developed in the late 18th century and relied on nitric acid’s ability… Read More

A futurist in the simplest way, sees the future based on conditions applied. Some conditions may be intervened, some may have to be accepted. A futurist lives in the thousand shades of grey. They make those who live in the past and those who love the present very nervous. Futurists are mocked for speaking about possibilities that seem absurd. This is a common human trait, to bring down anyone that unsettles the… Read More

It’s the most painful experiences that enlighten the most beautiful hearts When we are living the high life, it’s often difficult to recognise authentic relationships, opportunities and our capacity How could anything positive come out of hitting rock bottom? 1. We truly find out who our loved ones are When the honey moon is over the real marriage begins When we are under fire in the workplace or we lose our public… Read More

We don’t use the term Be Merciful much in everyday life, yet the healing that comes with acts of mercy is undeniable. We can get so preoccupied with Justice, Revenge and the day of Reckoning, we miss the connection that we are becoming sicker as a society. Being Merciful is not for the weak. Only courageous individuals with a great capacity to be truly human towards the unlovable can administer acts of… Read More

Life begins at fifty 1. With the benefit of hindsight, we realise how foolish we were to worry about so many things that didn’t matter Navigating through all the empty words, broken promises and unrealistic expectations, we become less obsessed the older we get (I acknowledge some are late bloomers and may experience this in their 60s or 70s) I often marvel how elderly people seem more content the older they get… Read More

No matter how much we try to mind our own business, there will always be someone that will meddle with our business, why? I can’t even begin to tell you how many people advise me on how to do my job. Most of them wouldn’t even know what it’s like walking in my footsteps yet they feel qualified to tell me how and where to walk. In my forty plus years of… Read More

The term ‘thou shalt not covet’ was carved in stone thousands of years ago for a reason. It was never meant to be replaced by another law. It was not open for discussion or interpretation. Anyone’s opinion to justify is null and void. Unlike a fantasy which is way beyond most people’s reach like having our own island, the law of covetousness related to our neighbour. Our neighbours are those who are… Read More

Why use the term WHOLESOME Leadership & Mentoring? Before we choose the Leadership & Personal Development process, choose the person who walks the walk and talks the talk. In the ancient days, there was a clear distinction between hirelings & shepherds. A hireling was a person who was paid to do a job of looking after the sheep, with limited scope. They had menial daily tasks in exchange for a wage. If… Read More

I’m confident that there isn’t a person on earth that believes they are perfect; then why are we so hard on ourselves? 1. We can’t be in control of what is marked as a flaw in the worlds eyes Blemishes, imperfections and errors aren’t the problem The problem is, we want to be in control of the blemishes, imperfections and errors that the world knows about It’s our way of showing the… Read More

Those who continue to exist and live in spite of danger and hardship 1. They accept the conditions around them, they don’t accept defeat Part of the survival journey is acknowledging the lay of the land, the environment we find our selves in. The moment we see things as they are we begin to glean and we start foraging for any thing that’s of value. Survivors know that every little thing that… Read More

Everyone carries a certain energy about them. Some are so negative, like a black hole in space, they dim the atmosphere in every room they walk in and… 1. People in the room feel their own energy levels vaporise and find their thinking becomes foggy 2. Trying to do work around a negative person is distracting as creativity is locked 3. Negativity by its very own nature sucks the light, life and… Read More

The world has gone mad with an overstimulation of info, many can’t see the Forrest for the trees. Becoming a Mentor doesn’t have to be official. It is simply helping someone on purpose along their life’s journey. 3 benefits when you become a Mentor 1. We stay fresh in our own life experience Caring for others in their journey and being available in very practical terms forces us to grow. ‘We can’t… Read More

Society has brilliantly elevated individuals and groups to the status of the gods projecting perfection as an achievable goal. The reality is, all human beings are as fragile as a clay pot that is fashioned and forged in fire for a purpose. 1. We are all uniquely crafted 2. We all have significance 3. We all have a place What happens when we discover the frailty of another human being? 1. It’s… Read More

A young man that I know noticed his elderly neighbour had a broken down car and felt inspired to go out and buy her a car that day. The neighbour had no idea that young man has his own needs to take care of, raising his family and put food on their table. Giving was a part of his life wether he has little or plenty. Every time I saw the elderly… Read More

‘Change is inevitable, growth is optional’ ~ John Maxwell Every generation strives for a better and less burdensome life. The challenge is often mental and emotional to accept the new way of doing things. No one wants to lose time and money going from brick & mortar to digital just in case the transition doesn’t work. 1. Transition is often the enemy of gatekeepers that are in denial “We’ve always done it… Read More

It’s often admirable when we hear that someone is focused, they have a one track mind, they are like a dog on a bone. The idea of focus and discipline denotes qualities of character, resolve and resourcefulness. The idea of Tunnel Vision is different to focus. 1. Tunnel Vision doesn’t get the complete picture To truly be focused we must be aware of our surroundings and not just what’s in front of… Read More

The term RESET isn’t necessarily positive or negative. In the following blog, it’s an opportunity to free our mind and life from false expectations we have of ourselves and life’s circumstances. We have all experienced the glitch (that temporarily malfunction or fault in equipment). The first thing that we have become accustomed to is switch everything off for a few seconds and then switch it on. The reset button is a God… Read More

You can’t escape your calling and you will never find peace until you surrender to it. Wether you’re an artist, engineer, soldier, teacher or nurse, these titles aren’t your calling. Your calling is in your DNA and you are given it in your mother’s womb. Society in all its grandeur tries to fashion you like clay but that’s not your calling. You can have all the trappings of success and be miserable… Read More

The idea of virtual is not limited to the software world, it is as old as time. VIRTUAL – Something that exists in the mind and there’s an attempt to make it real Why Virtual Profiles Suck 1. We get trapped 24/7 projecting ourselves in an alternate universe where it’s hard to define where reality sits This is not limited to social media This happens everyday in the workplace where we project… Read More

Nothing worse than seeing someone step into roles they’re not suited to. It’s often the case when someone gets that promotion and they become miserable. To some, a promotion may end up being a demotion of the soul. They’ve gone from something they’re great at to the unfortunate mismatch of the square peg trying to fit a round hole. There’s no shame in loving what we do and being the best at… Read More

In a robotic world, it will be those with a high EQ that will take the new jobs and lead. Human beings are exhausted mentally and a new form of work is forging. Let’s briefly take a look at EQ The idea of Emotional Intelligence EQ is relatively new, coined in 1990, however the concept is as old as time. The following four attributes that mark those with a high EQ. They… Read More

It’s an art to keep key people motivated and on task. It’s an accomplishment when key people give a greater return than projected KPI’s Who are the Key People? 1. Key people have appetite and we need to be intuitive enough to recognise what appetite looks like 2. Key people are connectors. They have their own skill capacity and they have the ability to thread their capacity with others with minimal disruption…. Read More

When something is illegitimate, it is the result of the wrong decision or decisions made. Authority by definition rubs most of society the wrong way ‘The power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience.’ When a client or boss take on the airs of authority, they immediately misplace trust and decency. They rely on dread as the motivation to do the right thing. 1. Authority is a fleeting concept… Read More

No one had a clue how bad things would get I had just flown back to Australia from India in February 2020 going through four airports. Every authority had different ideas how to prevent the spread of the Covid virus. Transitions are inevitable but we are often trapped by a genuine lack of clear direction which causes fear to enter the room. a. Fear always gives us the worst case scenario b…. Read More

Absolutely it’s possible* (Conditions apply) The most dangerous politician of all is the one that is so ethical according to their own standards, procedures and policies that everyone else who doesn’t comply becomes enemy number one. The question then, how do we hold these politicians to account? By having no need for them 1. Keep them within your ranks and deliberately influence their standards, procedures and policies. 2. Keep the conversation always… Read More

Three lies that trap us An ancient king has one wish in a difficult season “I wish I had wings like a dove, so I could fly far away and be at peace.” King David How is it even possible that the king felt so confined? 1. Don’t believe the lie that more power brings greater freedom and choice When King David was just a shepherd boy he enjoyed the freedom of… Read More

I woke up to a dream this morning where the question was asked about true riches? The answer was given like an impression rather than a voice “Having the freedom to think for yourself” The one thing that has been positive about a world crisis is just that; societies and individuals are rethinking what’s imperative to humanity over what’s inconvenient. For months we’ve had to balance the top news stories of the… Read More