Some cultures seem to struggle with the word NO, or the phrase, I don’t know, so they just say YES. While at first, YES seems so positive, YES without substance becomes grating before too long. Jesus gives a very insightful parable to illustrate. He talks about a father having two sons. He tells the first son to go and do something and the son instantly said YES but didn’t do what he… Read More

Most people waver through life in survival mode. Very few operate from a clear baseline. Every time I’ve struggled in seasons of my life, it was clear that I moved from my baseline. I got distracted and tried to live by someone else’s baseline. Principles & Convictions cannot be borrowed or stolen, they are yours and yours alone. What you do with them are in your control. The moment we move the… Read More

In my early twenties, my young bride, baby girl and I went across to the other side of our country to start an outreach to help those in need of hope. With no Internet, Social Media and the conveniences of today, I got a job at a button factory earning minimal wages to support our young family and carry on with our mission. The rental we had was humble and took 35%… Read More

THE BEGINNING OF OUR OWN DEMISE The complacent person often sits back with a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements. It’s at that point we stop being as vigilant as we once were. We believe everyone and everything will work out ok because we have the best intentions towards people and the projects we do. Complacency is one of the greatest causes in the breakdown of family… Read More

It’s natural to want to live a life with minimal disruption, but life without the salt of adventure quickly kills the spirit. What’s perhaps new to us isn’t necessarily new at all. Entertaining ideas of starting a business, getting married, having children or travelling for a year are some of the most normal things humans can do, but for some it can be terrifying. Being open to new ideas is what makes… Read More

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