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Why use the term WHOLESOME Leadership & Mentoring? Before we choose the Leadership & Personal Development process, choose the person who walks the walk and talks the talk. In the ancient days, there was a clear distinction between hirelings & shepherds. A hireling was a person who was paid to do a job of looking after the sheep, with limited scope. They had menial daily tasks in exchange for a wage. If… Read More

I’m confident that there isn’t a person on earth that believes they are perfect; then why are we so hard on ourselves? 1. We can’t be in control of what is marked as a flaw in the worlds eyes Blemishes, imperfections and errors aren’t the problem The problem is, we want to be in control of the blemishes, imperfections and errors that the world knows about It’s our way of showing the… Read More

Those who continue to exist and live in spite of danger and hardship 1. They accept the conditions around them, they don’t accept defeat Part of the survival journey is acknowledging the lay of the land, the environment we find our selves in. The moment we see things as they are we begin to glean and we start foraging for any thing that’s of value. Survivors know that every little thing that… Read More

Everyone carries a certain energy about them. Some are so negative, like a black hole in space, they dim the atmosphere in every room they walk in and… 1. People in the room feel their own energy levels vaporise and find their thinking becomes foggy 2. Trying to do work around a negative person is distracting as creativity is locked 3. Negativity by its very own nature sucks the light, life and… Read More

The world has gone mad with an overstimulation of info, many can’t see the Forrest for the trees. Becoming a Mentor doesn’t have to be official. It is simply helping someone on purpose along their life’s journey. 3 benefits when you become a Mentor 1. We stay fresh in our own life experience Caring for others in their journey and being available in very practical terms forces us to grow. ‘We can’t… Read More

Society has brilliantly elevated individuals and groups to the status of the gods projecting perfection as an achievable goal. The reality is, all human beings are as fragile as a clay pot that is fashioned and forged in fire for a purpose. 1. We are all uniquely crafted 2. We all have significance 3. We all have a place What happens when we discover the frailty of another human being? 1. It’s… Read More

A young man that I know noticed his elderly neighbour had a broken down car and felt inspired to go out and buy her a car that day. The neighbour had no idea that young man has his own needs to take care of, raising his family and put food on their table. Giving was a part of his life wether he has little or plenty. Every time I saw the elderly… Read More

‘Change is inevitable, growth is optional’ ~ John Maxwell Every generation strives for a better and less burdensome life. The challenge is often mental and emotional to accept the new way of doing things. No one wants to lose time and money going from brick & mortar to digital just in case the transition doesn’t work. 1. Transition is often the enemy of gatekeepers that are in denial “We’ve always done it… Read More

It’s often admirable when we hear that someone is focused, they have a one track mind, they are like a dog on a bone. The idea of focus and discipline denotes qualities of character, resolve and resourcefulness. The idea of Tunnel Vision is different to focus. 1. Tunnel Vision doesn’t get the complete picture To truly be focused we must be aware of our surroundings and not just what’s in front of… Read More

The term RESET isn’t necessarily positive or negative. In the following blog, it’s an opportunity to free our mind and life from false expectations we have of ourselves and life’s circumstances. We have all experienced the glitch (that temporarily malfunction or fault in equipment). The first thing that we have become accustomed to is switch everything off for a few seconds and then switch it on. The reset button is a God… Read More

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