While the world tries to fight against evil through, government, legislated laws, armies and policing, there’s another power that threads humanity together. Even in nature, a mother’s love for her children is the closest expression of unconditional love. Who do you want having your back, a manager that has to do a job or a leader that is motivated by unconditional love? In our struggle for significance, meaning and survival, human beings… Read More

When I visited one of my closest friends in hospital, it wasn’t long before my friend pleaded with the nurse to make me leave. I made him laugh too much and his stitches were tearing. An ancient proverb ‘A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones’ There’s nothing that brings healing better than a great laugh and yet we stop drinking God’s natural medicine. Three reasons… Read More

The teacher made me run a race I didn’t want to run. In my high school days I was made to do athletics. I hated it, so I turned up on the field fully dressed wearing my boots. The teacher in his wisdom made me run a race I didn’t want to. I reluctantly ran around the field wanting to send a message to the teacher that I wasn’t happy. When one… Read More

An ancient proverb reveals the progression of friendship ‘A person who has friends must be friendly, but there is a friend that becomes closer than a sibling’ Three steps to long term friendships, simple to do, difficult to find. 1. Try to be nice, a smile goes a long way I’ve always enjoyed seeing icy people warm up just because I extended to them a little kindness through positive body language like… Read More

I had lunch with a scientist who prospects for gold and other precious metals. With half a century of experience in the harsh field of mining, the elderly gentleman opens up about a number of subjects including his personal beliefs. He was triggered by my comment about my past work, “I was a pastor for eighteen years and I traveled the world teaching ethics and the Christian Ethos”. He kept wanting to… Read More

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