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Welcome to a new episode of TOMCAST, The clarity of stillness, helps combat the WRETCHED CHATTER. WHY I SWITCH MY PHONE OFF! God does not shout over our busyness to make Himself heard. Be still and hear God speak. Silence can be the loudest experience for some of us when our soul is not rested. We tend to busy ourselves with more outer chatter. More noise to overcome the inner loud voice… Read More

Welcome to a new episode of TOMCAST , called Tom Smilovitis LEADERSHIP, empowering the next generation to self govern. In March 2021, Tom Smilovitis LEADERSHIP launched a number of new services, the latest is called Corporate Chaplaincy and TOMCAST episodes. Through podcasts and personal training, the aim is to produce fresh ideas on leadership and personal development. Be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow TOMCAST. About Tom Smilovitis.  Leadership can… Read More

While the world tries to fight against evil through, government, legislated laws, armies and policing, there’s another power that threads humanity together. Even in nature, a mother’s love for her children is the closest expression of unconditional love. Who do you want having your back, a manager that has to do a job or a leader that is motivated by unconditional love? In our struggle for significance, meaning and survival, human beings… Read More

When I visited one of my closest friends in hospital, it wasn’t long before my friend pleaded with the nurse to make me leave. I made him laugh too much and his stitches were tearing. An ancient proverb ‘A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones’ There’s nothing that brings healing better than a great laugh and yet we stop drinking God’s natural medicine. Three reasons… Read More

The teacher made me run a race I didn’t want to run. In my high school days I was made to do athletics. I hated it, so I turned up on the field fully dressed wearing my boots. The teacher in his wisdom made me run a race I didn’t want to. I reluctantly ran around the field wanting to send a message to the teacher that I wasn’t happy. When one… Read More

An ancient proverb reveals the progression of friendship ‘A person who has friends must be friendly, but there is a friend that becomes closer than a sibling’ Three steps to long term friendships, simple to do, difficult to find. 1. Try to be nice, a smile goes a long way I’ve always enjoyed seeing icy people warm up just because I extended to them a little kindness through positive body language like… Read More

I had lunch with a scientist who prospects for gold and other precious metals. With half a century of experience in the harsh field of mining, the elderly gentleman opens up about a number of subjects including his personal beliefs. He was triggered by my comment about my past work, “I was a pastor for eighteen years and I traveled the world teaching ethics and the Christian Ethos”. He kept wanting to… Read More

Life has a way of wearing us down to the point of exhaustion Very rarely do we see the writing on the wall that tells us to slow down, change directions or just stop. 1. Running out of fuel is the first step to taking a forced break The problem with this type of break is, we will feel lost and anxious Most people that end up here a. get surprised how… Read More

When we hold on too hard, everything can become weighty and rigid. I’ve heard the saying ‘Let go and let God’ and it’s probably a neat way of saying ‘LIVE’ The very idea of living to the full allows us to discover our gifting which always adds value to the world. Being completely stifled in a job or relationships because it inhibits self expression feels like death. Don’t die before your time…. Read More

A philanthropic friend has told me on many occasions that he gives because he’s selfish, it makes him feel good. That’s an interesting way to view the act of giving. 1. To freely give of our time, talent or resources, there must be a return of something, why? Even nature has demands of every living organism, it’s called the law of return. Sow seed in order to reap a harvest. To give… Read More

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re probably going in circles. 1. Moving through terrains, it’s wise to be prepared I often marvel at professionals that are decisive and make things happen. These individuals aren’t reckless, they see way ahead and anticipate movements along the way. Experience does two things, it makes you fearful or it strengthens your resolve. Walking a terrain, checking for potholes, looking at the lay of the… Read More

Independent thinking to create cohesion and freedom The term Maverick is said to derive from a Sam Maverick (1803-1870), a prominent Texan landowner who despite intense pressure from other cattle farmers, steadfastly refused to brand his cattle and allowed them to freely roam, instead of being penned within fields. In the new age of independence we have no end of independent thinkers, yet they lack glueing society together. 3 considerations why a…. Read More

There’s nothing worse than a relationship gone wrong, be it friends, marriage or in the work place. There’s three steps to minimise that feeling of contempt in others and them in you. 1. Lifelong relationships need space to develop If a relationship starts off with with sparks, it’s probably a good thing. All to often we get paranoid when the spark eases. The test of a long term relationship will challenge our… Read More

1. Influencers engage the heart not just the mind History records some of the greatest influencers talked in story form or parables a. Story telling opens up the imagination b. Story telling draws in the soul to make independent evaluation of the truth being revealed c. Story telling has an ability separate the light observer from the committed doer 2. Influencers thread the facts to create community a. Facts can easily be… Read More

There are plenty of negative forces that bring us down. From the moment we wake up, self doubt, apathy and lack of purpose work are at us like atrophy to muscles mass. The following 3 ingredients build up the inner person. Many will experience a combination of them from time to time, but it’s mastering all 3 with flow that takes us into the stratosphere of possibilities. 1. Faith Faith was described… Read More

The delusion that being busy is being effective. Wether it’s a world pandemic or personal crisis, we all end up against the wall of self reflection. More often than not we don’t like what we see, blaming the crisis or circumstances for our discontent. The only place the sun shines more than any place on earth is the desert. The very notion that happiness should follow us wherever we go has is… Read More

Unless you’ve been here, you’ll never appreciate the sweet sweet taste of life’s beauty unraveled by the oddest people we meet. Here’s just one glimpse that will last a lifetime. 1987, My wife, our baby girl and I are living thousands of kms from our family and community trying to build another community to give people hope. I worked a full time job which barely paid the rent and place food on… Read More

Casual Friday – For city Folk, it means not wearing a tie, for us, it’s a little bit more relaxed. What does an XCOP, XCRIM and an XPREACHER have in common? I often catch up with my oldest friend Mario on Fridays, we shoot the breeze and enjoy coffees at the beach. It’s good to disrupt our routine from time to time I felt to take to Mario to Shalom House, no… Read More

Clash of two worlds I watched this homeless man take a seat at the head of the table at Times Square and he just sat there watching the world go by. Joan Osborne’s song ‘One of us’ came to mind as I watched the world go by with him. ~ What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us Just a stranger on the bus Tryin’ to… Read More

Longmore, Riverbank juvenile prisons among others was the main topic of discussion with John, who’s now retired after decades of serving our youth. Retirement should be eliminated from our vocab, the moment we stop giving is the moment we start dying John is in his mid 70s and shares that he is soul searching when he goes for his one hour walks in the mornings. His life work sounds like a war… Read More

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