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Welcome to a new episode of TOMCAST, The clarity of stillness, helps combat the WRETCHED CHATTER. WHY I SWITCH MY PHONE OFF! God does not shout over our busyness to make Himself heard. Be still and hear God speak. Silence can be the loudest experience for some of us when our soul is not rested. We tend to busy ourselves with more outer chatter. More noise to overcome the inner loud voice… Read More

Welcome to a new episode of TOMCAST , called Tom Smilovitis LEADERSHIP, empowering the next generation to self govern. In March 2021, Tom Smilovitis LEADERSHIP launched a number of new services, the latest is called Corporate Chaplaincy and TOMCAST episodes. Through podcasts and personal training, the aim is to produce fresh ideas on leadership and personal development. Be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow TOMCAST. About Tom Smilovitis.  Leadership can… Read More

While the world tries to fight against evil through, government, legislated laws, armies and policing, there’s another power that threads humanity together. Even in nature, a mother’s love for her children is the closest expression of unconditional love. Who do you want having your back, a manager that has to do a job or a leader that is motivated by unconditional love? In our struggle for significance, meaning and survival, human beings… Read More

When I visited one of my closest friends in hospital, it wasn’t long before my friend pleaded with the nurse to make me leave. I made him laugh too much and his stitches were tearing. An ancient proverb ‘A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones’ There’s nothing that brings healing better than a great laugh and yet we stop drinking God’s natural medicine. Three reasons… Read More

The teacher made me run a race I didn’t want to run. In my high school days I was made to do athletics. I hated it, so I turned up on the field fully dressed wearing my boots. The teacher in his wisdom made me run a race I didn’t want to. I reluctantly ran around the field wanting to send a message to the teacher that I wasn’t happy. When one… Read More

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