WE ALL REMEMBER MOMENTS OF BLISS, BUT TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING Nostalgia : A state of being homesick : homesickness or a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition. Old wine skins were new wine skins at some point that welcomed the effervescent nature of new wine. When old wine skins lose there ability to be flexible, containing anything new becomes hazardous. The moment… Read More

Critical Thinkers have an incredible ability to see things from many perspectives. They can draw conclusions, bring out unseen opportunities, while spitting out irrelevant information that others see as critical information. Critical Thinkers in their formative years can come across as abrasive, know it alls. Like any immature process, if a Critical Thinker doesn’t embrace humanity with all its flaws and potential, they begin to deify their thought processes, thus making them… Read More

My client then went on to share some of his extremes riding road bikes which was a perfect illustration for this blog, ‘Going temporarily blind when exhausted’

I had the privilege of driving a F430, and the obvious instant feeling of success hits you, if not completely, it hits you for a moment. The keys from the owner of the car are thrown to me casually, like he’s done this once or twice before. The owner, proud of his collectible, allows others to share in his wins. ‘SHARING WINS IS FAR MORE ENJOYABLE THAN WINNING IN ISOLATION’ It’s hard… Read More

What if you could be free from the burden of past decisions that you have made that have caused you and others great grief? What if you could be free from the grief you have experienced because of others who failed to protect you, or even worse, they were perpetrators to your grief? Either way, the world is filled with grief and there is a way to experience relief, mentally, emotionally and… Read More

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