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Leadership Development is an unseen process. We’ve heard the phrase ‘Fake it till you make it’ which is another way of admitting, not everything you see is authentic. 1. Who wants to admit that they don’t know what they are doing 2. Who wants to admit that they don’t have the motivation to keep going while they still go through the motions 3. The constant pressure to perform can get overwhelming No… Read More

There is a huge difference between training others and using them A Position Hog? They use their position to get their way and leave little room for others to grow 1. No one is ever good enough to do their job 2. They always come to the rescue and put out the fires (they discretely started) 3. Their frail ego is larger than the opportunity to help and equip others to succeed… Read More

I grew up in family businesses, from a bakery, fast foods and restaurants. They all revolved around repetitive processes. Each person was appointed to their own unique pole position to make the most out of human and product resources. I started at 12 years of age working in my uncles fish & chip shop answering the phone to take the orders. 1. I was assigned one job and it had to be… Read More

We attract who we are, not who we claim we are It doesn’t take long to recognise the motives in people once the acid is applied The origin of the ACID TEST that has become a phrase to test people’s capacities Gold prospectors and dealers need to be able to distinguish gold from base metal. The original acid test was developed in the late 18th century and relied on nitric acid’s ability… Read More

A futurist in the simplest way, sees the future based on conditions applied. Some conditions may be intervened, some may have to be accepted. A futurist lives in the thousand shades of grey. They make those who live in the past and those who love the present very nervous. Futurists are mocked for speaking about possibilities that seem absurd. This is a common human trait, to bring down anyone that unsettles the… Read More

It’s the most painful experiences that enlighten the most beautiful hearts When we are living the high life, it’s often difficult to recognise authentic relationships, opportunities and our capacity How could anything positive come out of hitting rock bottom? 1. We truly find out who our loved ones are When the honey moon is over the real marriage begins When we are under fire in the workplace or we lose our public… Read More

We don’t use the term Be Merciful much in everyday life, yet the healing that comes with acts of mercy is undeniable. We can get so preoccupied with Justice, Revenge and the day of Reckoning, we miss the connection that we are becoming sicker as a society. Being Merciful is not for the weak. Only courageous individuals with a great capacity to be truly human towards the unlovable can administer acts of… Read More

Life begins at fifty 1. With the benefit of hindsight, we realise how foolish we were to worry about so many things that didn’t matter Navigating through all the empty words, broken promises and unrealistic expectations, we become less obsessed the older we get (I acknowledge some are late bloomers and may experience this in their 60s or 70s) I often marvel how elderly people seem more content the older they get… Read More

No matter how much we try to mind our own business, there will always be someone that will meddle with our business, why? I can’t even begin to tell you how many people advise me on how to do my job. Most of them wouldn’t even know what it’s like walking in my footsteps yet they feel qualified to tell me how and where to walk. In my forty plus years of… Read More

The term ‘thou shalt not covet’ was carved in stone thousands of years ago for a reason. It was never meant to be replaced by another law. It was not open for discussion or interpretation. Anyone’s opinion to justify is null and void. Unlike a fantasy which is way beyond most people’s reach like having our own island, the law of covetousness related to our neighbour. Our neighbours are those who are… Read More

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