Smart City Perth 2050

Smart City Perth 2050 ‘Developing a global city with a social conscience’ 

Smart City Perth 2050; developing a global city with a social conscience fit for our grandchildren and beyond. We must work together as social leaders at every level and not leave all the decisions of our future to four year electoral cycles.

What is the measure of a SMART CITY?

There can only be one measure, its long term effect on its citizens and nothing else; which is why future Smart Cities must be created beyond any political cycle and urban sprawls. 


It wont just happen and I’m doing my bit

I work closely with business and enterprise groups, all levels of government and industry leaders in order to practice what I preach. 

Smart City Perth acknowledges that the term Smart City is relatively new. We are yet to understand the effects on society that is increasingly relying on technology. We collect data for the benefit of managing assets and resources. This has always played a great roll in the modern city life. Developing a Smart City with a Social Conscience determines to enhance the life of the citizens, not just assets.   

The following principles ought to be applied to any setting, from a rural community to a metropolis. My focus is on my home city, Perth and state of Western Australia.

The City of Perth has an opportunity to develop into one of the finest global cities. If we develop and back strong leaders that are led by ethics and diversity, opportunities are endless. There is an increased frustration with local and state government bureaucracy cluttered with the barrage of data, codes and regulations.

Giving a Smart City a soul will attract world class opportunity and will get the best out of data. It will transform current codes and regulations to open up investment from the four corners of the world. It will also unlock the constant frustration of bureaucracy and allow public servants the ability to administrate with greater ease. 

Perth has the opportunity to become the gateway to Australia with Asia, the Middle East and Africa on our doorstep. Developing a Global Smart City will net billions of dollars from a wide range of goods and services into our local economy. This will foster the sustainability we all seek. 

It must be an initiative of the people with government support and not the other way around. 

King Solomon observed thousands of years ago an anomaly under the sun – “Why are the servants on horses and the Princes walking”? The future of our city and state must be led by those that can create opportunities and serviced by those that are the administrators, not the other way around.

The following short presentation sparks the spirit of awakening our beautiful city and allowing it to be a lighthouse city. A city built on vision and ethics, a global leader in services. Turning the archaic CBD of Perth and complimenting it with 120,000 residence, students and tourists by 2050. It’s a paradigm shift that needs to happen now to secure a whole world for future generations. 

This same paradigm shift also must take place throughout our satellite cities around Perth as well as rebuilding our country towns that have been left behind. Technology disruption needn’t destroy the soul of our great city and state; through socially conscience leaders we are perfectly positioned to have a Renascence.   

‘Principles are timeless, methods evolve’

If you have an idea that needs developing to add value to our city and state in the Smart City space, feel free to contact me and discuss.     

Tom Smilovitis – Principle Facilitator of Smart City Perth 

We can all contribute to create a larger pie for our city and state  – Builders, Lawyers, Developers, Investors, Trades, Trainers, Academics, Engineers, Educators, Philosophers, Philanthropists, Change agents, Futurists, Horticulturalists, Artists, Sports Professionals, Business Owners, Diplomats, Politicians, Landlords, Interns, NGOs and anyone else that wants to make a difference.. 

Smart City Fellowship

Disclaimer – It is important to note that the views of the Principle Facilitator of Smart City Perth 2050, Mr Tom Smilovitis may vary from time to time with anyone that is supportive of the Smart City Perth Initiative. Furthermore, each person and organisation in fellowship with Smart City Perth must be assessed on their own opinions and merits. Tom Smilovitis Blog is an independent blog and is not affiliated with any other organisation. It is designed to stir critical thought and wholesome leadership.

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