It’s never the right time, just start (Lesson 75) 90 day challenge

Thinking too much is often what hinders us from moving forward on that dream.

If we just remember the largest oak tree comes from an acorn seed that germinated.

If I asked, how many Acorns can one Oak tree produce?, we couldn’t put a number to it.

All to often we carry great ideas in seed form and we do the following two things

1. We get excited about the possibilities and we sketch out a plan how it will all work and we keep planning and planning

It’s like having a very real acorn seed in your hand, the potential is there, but we never plant it.

2. We then gather with other likeminded entrepreneurs

Each having an acorn seed idea just like yours.

You all pull out that seed idea from your pockets in the network meeting, discuss the possibilities together and when you all leave the meeting, most put the acorn seed back in your pockets.

There comes a point where the idea fades away to the back and another great acorn idea comes to the forefront and the vicious cycle repeats again.

Thinking too much without planting the seed is a recipe for regret and disappointment

When is the perfect time to germinate that idea?


But it’s not too late if we plant it today and this is why?

Seeds take time to catch and there’s plenty of time to think about the next stage once the seed is planted.

Organic ideas have a way of surprising us if they’re planted.

They have a way of guiding us as the idea creates a life of its own.


That seed won’t go anywhere in your pocket.