In March 2021, Tom Smilovitis LEADERSHIP launched a number of new services, the latest is called Corporate Chaplaincy and TOMCAST episodes. Through podcasts and personal training, the aim is to produce fresh ideas on leadership and personal development. Be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow TOMCAST.

About Tom Smilovitis.

For the extended version, Tom Smilovitis LEADERSHIP, empowering the next generation to self govern, (Blog 190) 

Leadership can be a lonely path – Tom Smilovitis LEADERSHIP & Personal Development provides that safe space for you to “Reflect. Reboot. Renew.” Ideal for those aspiring to grow and stay fresh in Leadership & Executive roles, all the way to maintaining balanced lifestyles. In a New World that demands so much of us, it is my hope that I can equip you and your team with the tools to live a full life, in the areas that matter most.

"Choices are the hinges of destiny" ~ Edwin Markham 

Realize your potential and make healthy choices today that will have a great ripple effect for future generations.

With over forty years experience in family business, not for profits, retail & commercial property management, I am doing what I love most.

Foundations are everything. I grew up in a strong Greek / Macedonian migrant family and community in the late sixties and early seventies, in Eastern Corridor of Perth. My grounding for much of the favour I have on my life today stems from there.

In 1981, in my late teens, I joined a progressive Christian Fellowship. The association trained me in outreach, leadership and missionary work. The experience I gained through the association took me around Australia and many parts of the world. I was commissioned to teach and train others in outreach, leadership and mission work.

Since 2002, in my late thirties, I stepped into the corporate scene in the Commercial Property sector. Taking my lifetime experience into the commercial world was just another adaptation which allowed me to thrive.

I tell many people, I have been fortunate to stumble intentionally from one great opportunity to another over the last forty years plus. 

My passion is to encourage individuals to reach their potential as well as create healthy cultures within community and corporate settings.

It’s my continual desire to see people prosper which has led me to expand my reach through Tom Smilovitis – Leadership & Personal Development Training. By pushing my personal boundaries in order to lead by example, my clients will be free from text book rhetoric. My clients quickly know the thrill of jumping in the deep end of their leadership potential.

Developing people is always at the heart of wholesome leadership, the results speak for themselves. It is important to catch what is possible to achieve through simple yet powerful leadership skills. For more about my credentials, see my Recommendations, on my website, they will help to verify my ability to add value in an individual or team.

I look forward to any opportunity where I can add value to you or your enterprise. For more about what I offer, click Tom Smilovitis Services, on my website, to see six basic packages that may interest you to start a conversation and engage Tom Smilovitis LEADERSHIP.

Chris Bown ~ Ex Detective working with Ex prisoners  “Tom has a unique ability to draw greatness out of people, he is a man of high ethical character who leads by example and never asks anyone to do anything he is not willing to do himself”

email me direct contact@tomsmilovitis.com or connect with me on WhatsApp by pressing the button on the bottom right hand corner and let’s start talking. 

Tom Smilovitis 

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