Decision Fatigue takes out the best

Don’t be flattered that you have been called upon to make decisions.

Everyone at some point looks to another to help with the simplest of choices.

I was one of those who was constantly called upon to make decisions and I must say, it felt a little intoxicating, that feeling that you are being relied upon. True leadership however sets others free to think for themselves rather than be depended upon habitually. Bullies foster Decision Fatigue and Cults are built on the shoulders of vulnerable individuals who live in a perpetual state of fear through Decision Fatigue. Raising up leaders who raise up leaders is the only way to break the cycle of a soulless and busy life. You are enough.

When men turn into babies.

The contemporary idiom ‘Don’t cry over spilt milk’ is a lot easier said than done when you suffer from Decision Fatigue.

We all know that some things aren’t worth our energy and time, yet we dwell on them still. Going over and over in our minds how we could’ve handled things differently if we had better information or we were in a better state of mind. Decision Fatigue is that wedge that won’t allow us the liberty of moving forward nor reverse and go a different direction.

Recognizing that something is not right in our mind is hard to do when we are constantly moving at a pace where we make decision after decision with little to no critical thinking attached to it.

We are not created to live life blindly, in a habitual state of responding to everything like we live in an emergency ward. Having a capacity of thinking through a potential opportunity or enjoying what others see as mundane and making a clear conscious decision to learn and retain a new way of thinking is invigorating.

Broken relationships, accidents, missed opportunities can often be laid at the feet of Decision Fatigue. We forget why we do what we do, we forget how to do the right thing and we forget the simplest of life’s courtesies.

Crying over spilt milk is given as a great analogy of overreacting. Don’t be surprised when someone is mean spirited or dismissive, when they are out of their depth when it comes to the simplest decisions. They often don’t know why they are acting against their own better judgement.

Overcoming Decision Fatigue by exposing it

Stop pretending that every decision has to be predetermined and then make the excuse of being highly experienced. You’d be surprised how much you and I don’t know about our own fields of expertise.

Having the ability to limit decisions made daily so that you are free to think about the greater good is vital. There must be room to further apply new ways of thinking and doing things.

If we find ourselves being critical of everything and everyone without a gracious remedy to making the world a better place, we may be dealing with a dose of Decision Fatigue.

If we are ignoring those closest to us for fear of reacting in an unwholesome way, we may be dealing with a case of Decision Fatigue.

Talking about our condition is one of the best ways of addressing it. Choosing wisely who you talk to. There is nothing more soul crushing than others agreeing with you just because they don’t want to offend you.

Talk with someone that gives you the freedom to hear your own thoughts aloud as well as challenge you to rethink the way you do life!

Decision Fatigue is real, and it takes the best of us. Expose it and watch light come into areas that have blinded us for many years.

The dark side of Decision Fatigue and how cults and insidious organizations control the masses. The best way to control the masses is to keep them busy with ritual after ritual. Keep them so focused on obedience and its magical connection to wellbeing. Hype them up when they obey, and they’ll be like a domesticated dog that salivates for a treat after it obeys its master. Individuals will be frightened of ever straying from blind obedience in the hope of experiencing true critical thinking and liberty. Why do you think social media works so well? It keeps people in a constant state of Decision Fatigue while it subconsciously feeds society its agenda. Switch it off for a week and watch your mind heal itself. Switch it off indefinitely and live a life of liberty.

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