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The simplest term in the Ancient Greek used in the Lord’s Prayer.

Part of the prayer goes ‘Forgive us our debts as we forgive them indebted to us’

We all know that feeling of carrying the burden of our own failures and misgivings. Who doesn’t want to experience salvation (wholeness), that feeling of being complete. A sense that our internal debt has been wiped clean.

Jesus taught a prayer and included the act of forgiveness. When we ask God to let go of our mistakes we in turn must let go of those who have made mistakes around us.

If we are to move forward, we must feel the release of our debts as we release people around us.

The very idea that we can move on and not free others from moving on reveals our lack in understanding forgiveness.

We hold ourselves prisoner many times because we hold others prisoners

LET GO MEANS LET GO, no turning back, no reminders, a clean start.

Without experiencing God’s forgiveness first we go back into default and hold others captive to their mistakes.

Forgiveness is an ongoing Journey of failing forward. We don’t carry our past with us but it’s likely we will make mistakes and others will hurt us in the future.

Forgiveness is a lifestyle not just one momentous act.

I’d suggest, that’s why Jesus taught his followers, when you pray, pray like this… and forgiveness was part of that regular practice.

Are you struggling to let go?

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