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A CLEAN SLATE – Maybe it’s time to reset

If we’re to last the distance, simplicity is a prerequisite.

I sometimes feel the weight of the daily grind, problem solving, seeking opportunity, getting along with people, planning for the future.

My whiteboard is always filled with life’s lessons but not today.

Today I empty everything, I wipe it clean, I ask for forgiveness of myself, it got to complicated and I was going in circles.

It’s in this place I am free of all judgement, the worst judge of all being me.

Every now and again take the eraser and wipe it all down.

Past mistakes
Current circumstances
Future expectations

Most of it is not real and it’s a tragedy to be trapped in the imagery we’ve created.

God & nature constantly provide proof that new beginnings start when everything else is burnt to the ground including our misguided thoughts.

You’ll feel a huge burden lifted from your shoulders and hopefully see the world in it’s glory once more.

The ancients taught ‘Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies it remains alone but if it dies it comes back to life and multiplies a hundred times’

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