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Know your audience and don’t bow to the crowd (Lesson 89) 90 day challenge

All to often when growing an enterprise we neglect our audience and get distracted by the crowd.

What’s the difference between a crowd and an audience?

A crowd

A crowd stands at a distance

A crowd is not committed

A crowd doesn’t appreciate your commitment

A crowd walks away after the event

An audience

An audience has taken time to investigate

An audience is curious and draws near to your circle

An audience is more likely to commit themselves further and become a sustainable client

An audience has captured your passion

There comes a time where you devote more time to serve the audience and less time trying to get people in from the crowd.

A happy audience will reach the crowd for you and bring them into the inner sanctum.

Remember the 80 / 20 rule, most of your business or 80% of your business will come from current 20% of your connections or current business

Stay focused and look after your audience and let them spread the word

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