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You obey the rules, why are you still unhappy? (Lesson 82) 90 day challenge

Freedom comes at a cost, it’s all possible but it comes at a cost

Knowing how to obey the laws of ethics rather than rules voted in by the democratic process is a start.

I attended a political lunch of an upcoming candidate from an opposition party.

The keynote speaker spoke with a feudal voice, attacking the elected government and promising to change the rules. Those that attended the lunch were all of the same political party and you sensed their automatic alliance.

Woe be unto you if you didn’t tow the party line. They prefer a herd mentality which is very easy to control.

We need to ask ourselves, are the current rules moral?, do they hinder progress?, why do we have to wait for the democratic process before they no longer apply?

The first thought that came to my mind, ‘obeying immoral rules that are voted in must be challenged’ regardless of what side of the political fence we sit on’

We often struggle in life as we sit on the fence of two or three rule makers when we ought to work out what rules matter to us.

Loyalty isn’t intrinsically moral

Ethics is a moral compass 🧭

It’s not a policy

It’s not a set of rules

Ethics is so simplistic that it unsettles rule makers

There comes a point in every person that seeks freedom & a form of happiness, that they need to learn to break the right rules in order for their conscience to be realigned.

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing individuals living according to their moral compass. These individuals are often the ones that unsettle the status quo of society and encourage others to seek out their own freedom in a similar way.

When we personally experience harmony we can then pass it on to others and not before.

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