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Memory may hold us back – Know when to let go (Lesson 81) 90 day challenge

Holding on too tightly to memories may hinder us from creating a new reality

Human beings are brilliant at self deception and destruction. Our memories aren’t our best servant and they have a way of bringing back all sorts of destructive emotions from our past.

Like a scratched record that grates on the ears and keeps repeating, memories have a way of exhausting us with their repetitive moments of a time gone by.

Humans are also brilliant at creating new realities by renewing the way we think.

Wether our memory makes us out as legends or peasants, they are just a memory and we are no longer in the past. It’s no longer a reality unless we make it a reality.

The beauty of letting go of memory

1. It’s the opportunity to explore new worlds

2. We begin to see that now is the only reality there is

3. We can be creators of new beginnings and positive experiences in the voids that we feel, rather than victims

4. We gravitate towards what we think about the most, don’t miss this opportunity to create that new reality today.

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