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Starting over won’t kill you, it will renew you, How? (Lesson 77) 90 day challenge

The problem with achieving too much of the wrong reward too early, it becomes a weight around our ankles, hindering our potential.

Potential ~ having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.

Life’s mountain is way more majestic than the plateau we find our selves settling in for.

When mentoring young people, I will often share the following paradigm mindset they can have.

“By the time you’ve finished being mentored, I ought to be able to drop you into a jungle anywhere in the world, be it a concrete jungle or otherwise. A place where you don’t know the language and culture. When I come looking for you three years later, you’ll either be the chief or elder of that village or community.”

I know I’ve got their interest at that point. Who wouldn’t want to have that skill set.

Having the skills to survive and thrive are found in the struggle not the comfort.

If you’ve lost something or someone precious, don’t allow that to hinder your capacity as a human being.

Your nightmare may be someone else’s salvation, if you rise from that resting place and start over.

You’d be amazed how quickly your body, mind and emotions will rise with you to reach your peak.

This is more than achieving another award or reward, this is about becoming all you are meant to be.

I’m on a new journey at 56 years of age, practicing what I preach, hoping to encourage you to get up and start that journey for yourself.

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Who knows what light could come from a chat?

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