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Perfection is just for a moment, chase it anyway (Lesson 76) 90 day challenge

Striving for perfect moments

While perfection is just an illusion, human beings strive for that moment where everything aligns.

It’s in our DNA to achieve, progress and renew

A young couple look for meaning in a relationship. They court one another and plan for that perfect wedding that lasts for just a moment.

A baby comes into the world and a mother will endure pregnancy, child birth and wait for that perfect moment to see her baby.

We study hard and hope to pass exams to receive news that we got accepted into a university of choice. Or we write up that CV or have that interview that seemed faultless and we got the perfect job.

The list goes on and on, we keep striving to have a moment where the world has stopped and everything is perfect.

Too many stop right here and focus on the wilting 🥀 of the perfect moment, why?

Unlike machines which can be precise, faithful and enduring we are living creatures that are just the opposite.

We have a body, mind and emotions that require constant care and refocusing. We fail to enjoy the journey as much as we look forward to that perfect moment that is fleeting.

A young courting couple will tolerate abuse from one another, thinking the wedding day will make it all go away.

We study hard and suspend life, thinking that perfect job will make it worthwhile.

We suspend living a daily life with all its hidden jewels and strive for some momentary prize. Unfortunately that prize is not enough.

There is no perfect couple

There is no perfect job

There is no perfect family or community, house, car, clothes etc

There are thousands of beautiful moments missed because our eyes got to fixed on the unattainable

Start today and enjoy the process as much as the prize.

What will you do today to reconnect with real living?

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Who knows what light could come from a chat?

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