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Limitations by our own consent (Lesson 75) 90 day challenge

Reaching a peak others fear to tread may not be your peak. At this point you may give yourself consent that you have no need to go further.

Three reasons to never give yourself consent

1. The law of attrition is always at work

The moment you give yourself consent that you’ve reached your peak, gravity will start pulling you back down.

The only constant we know in life is ‘Change’, moving forward or moving backward, there is no staying still.

2. We give others consent not to reach their peak

This is especially true for influencers, leaders, mentors and parents

Just remember, people don’t listen to what we say as much as they see the way we live.

3. You’ll miss an even more glorious view from the next peak

The beauty of breaking our own boundaries takes us to a new level of knowledge, experience and understanding

Food tastes better when we’ve had to fight hard for it.

I recall a conversation I had with a well established businessman that lacked nothing physically. He made the comment “I can’t even taste food any more, I’m so sad”

This man was trapped because he gave himself consent to stop growing and as a result he found himself without appetite.

The day we stop growing is the day we start going

Elbert Einstein quoted “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education

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