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Stick to your knitting – What is your natural gift? (Lesson 74) 90 day challenge

‘Stick to your knitting’ a term I heard dozens of times by an old boss, when he felt we were straying from our core strengths.

Anyone that has grown up with a mother that knitted understands the tediousness of knitting.

One stitch at a time

1. Discipline to stick to our core strengths and objectives

2. Daily routines that take us to where we need to get to

3. Focus on the task at hand, rather than deviate because we’re seasonally bored

4. Stick to the pattern and don’t drop a stitch unless it’s part of the pattern

5. All to often in the middle of most projects our mind gets distracted and we dream of being somewhere else.

‘The grass is greener in someone else patch’ syndrome

Sticking to our knitting requires the patients of a mother of generations past.

– They created atmosphere through their daily knitting, cooking, cleaning, caring, home-keeping

In ancient times this is where the birthing of the word ECONOMY came from. To keep a house in order.

Reflecting on my personal life, my mother had the wisdom, tenacity, frugality that would create a prosperous economy all round, because she stuck to her knitting as it were.

– She knew her natural strengths and didn’t deviate from them

– She turned a small home and property into a paradise

What about you?

1. What is your natural strengths?

2. Do you keep chopping and changing looking for the easy road?

3. How can you simplify your life down to a handful of excellence rather than spread yourself so thin, nothing gets achieved

4. Dropping a stitch here and there shouldn’t be a reason to give up

5. Go back and stick to your knitting and become better at what you’re already good at

Me, I’m a peoples person and the moment I stray from my natural strengths, I drop my knitting and it’s very evident. My life doesn’t produce what it has always produced.

What about you, are you ready to start a fresh journey and go back to some fundamentals?

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Who knows what light could come from a chat?

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