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Boredom & Rockbottom have two things in common (Lesson 72) 90 day challenge

Unhealthy habits begin when we get stifled and we look for immediate gratification

Long term goals can get exhausting, like planning for your retirement at 30 years of age; or your job and relationships are just a repeat unconscious actions.

Unhealthy habits form to replace nature’s endorphins.

Boredom & Rockbottom have two things in common

1. They both become difficult to recognise the self half we do

Addictive habits form that produce very little return; like countless hours on social media among other mutually fruitless addictive habits

We put on unexplained weight

We self medicate

We discard relationships that meant the world to us

Our concentration fades etc..

2. They both isolate us from everything that gives meaning to life

In the constant cycle of instant gratification we fail to recognise renewal is within our grasp

They both keep us in the dark where very little grows

They both breed negativity and paranoias, where our mental health is under attack

There’s only one way we can go when we’re Bored or have hit Rockbottom

We can seek health again

Just like a person drowning, there’s no shame in seeking help

The ability to get back on course is literally a decision away, even though it may take a while to fully recover

The reward of truly feeling again and seeing the light of day will far outweigh the boredom you’ve found yourself in.

You must understand, you are not alone and you don’t have to believe that you are alone.

My latest favourite quote by Edward Markham ‘Choices are the hinges of destiny’ is as true right now in your state of boredom.

Make one choice today that focuses on long term health rather than instant gratification.

Just one choice!

And then another!

Repeat this process for the next 27 days and watch a fresh habit form and your energy levels return replacing the boredom.

You’re not a bad person, you’ve just made unhealthy choices when it all got too hard. Comfort yourself knowing that billions of people around the world have been here or will visit this space of Boredom and Rockbottom.

Make just one choice today!

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