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The deafening sounds of silence (Lesson 71) 90 day challenge

When it’s too quiet, we doubt ourselves, 3 thoughts why?

1. Most get motivated through hardship, flight or fight mode

This is where bright ideas come to us and we act on them

This is where we stand up for ourselves and enjoy that sense of victory or regroup and fight again

There’s nothing more deafening than winning a battle or being safe from a battle and all we feel is nothing

2. We’ve decided to commit and the honeymoon period is over

From a new relationship, job or business venture, there’s always a short season we call the honeymoon.

Our eyes are a little glazed over with possibilities and the future is brighter than ever for a short season.

Honeymoon periods can last three to six months before the shine begins to ware off

Then comes the real hard work and this is where the deafening silence turns up

3. Unexpected disruption that sends us off course

Success is never a straight line that gradually increases its own sense of intensity just because we’ve decided to commit

Unexpected storms test your resolve and destroy all your progress

Wolves is sheep’s clothing deliberately seek to destroy your efforts

Our plans have hit a wall and creativity halts, the sounds of silence have never been louder

What Now?

Turn the silence into your tutor

Once the honeymoon is over, go back to the original idea and recommit

This is where your fighting skills develop and there will be less quitting

This is where resilience is developed

This is where experience becomes your future tutor and we leave room for unexpected disruptions


There comes a point where we surround ourselves with others that are as crazy as you are to find a source of encouragement

When you voice your concerns in the midst of silence, you’ll draw from the strength of mutual explorers, entrepreneurs, risk takers

You are not alone in your experience, seek fellowship and take your vision, relationship, enterprise to the next level

Let me know how you overcome the deafening sounds of silence?

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Who knows what light could come from a chat?

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