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Every generation must find their voice

The success of one generation is often the hinderance of the next

I’ve come across way to many successful individuals that struggle to pass on their entrepreneurial spirit at the right time. They hold on to their success like it’s the end of the road.

Each generation therefore must respectfully rebel against their own mentors, fathers, mothers, leaders in order to find their voice for their generation.

In order to see healthy succession move from one generation to the next, three absolutes are required.

1. Be prepared to let go and allow the next generation the freedom to discover truth for themselves.

This allows every generation the beauty of authenticity rather than become a cheap copy

2. Teach them principles early in life and don’t harp on about the methodology

If you teach them how to use a compass, they’ll find their way.

3. Be ready for their return and enjoy their success, never compete

Any healthy understanding of leadership acknowledges that the end game is to equip the next generation, not hinder it

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