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Fire breathers and entrepreneurs always attract public interest, why? (Lesson 8 Revised) 27 days

Fire breathing and starting a business is always risky, you have to juggle between attracting an audience and staying alive.

1. They both must bedazzle the audience

Fire breathers are conscious that an audience wants to be bedazzled, it’s all part of the entertainment

Starting a new business has its own opportunities for the same reason, the potential customer is drawn in by your promise of a unique experience

If you’re starting a new business, give it all you’ve got and let them see the fire within

2. The audience has a short attention span.

Wether it’s through social media, door to door or any other marketing tool, you must catch their attention in seconds

A fire breather offers something that is not mainstream. It’s a rare experience and it’s instant gratification.

A new business must have elements that are not easily copied or currently exists that is easily obtained.

3. Make sure you get your hat out for the money straight away

A fire breather risks their life for a return. As soon as their show is over, they take out their hat and expect the audience to contribute instantly.

They have no shame in asking for money

Starting a new business is risky and a return must be expected instantly.

The potential customer will pay what they think your service is worth. Don’t be insulted by the value they place on your service.

If they have no need for your service, the return will be minimal. If your service is evident that the customer will get what is expected the return will increase dramatically.

Two things that needs to happen at this point just like the fire breather.

1. Is the risk worth the return

2. How can I be better at providing a unique experience to a much greater audience.

Either way, just like the fire breather you have to be a little crazy to entertain by breathing fire, equally so, starting a new business is not for the faint hearted.

But you’ll do it anyway!!

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