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Motivation is an inside job (Lesson 9 Revised) 27 days

Some people remind me of balloons, you can pump them up easily but they deflate just as easy, why?

We’ve been trapped by marketing trends and the expectations of others, rather than run our own race.

Get rid of doing anything seasonal, break every rule and get motivated and I’ll tell you why?

Motivation is simply a willingness to do something. It has very little to do with outside circumstances and all to do with making choices and acting on them.

I managed shopping centres for years and I could do a yearly marketing plan within a day because the market is so predictable. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, New Years resolutions etc… all very predictable, nothing changes.

Carve new paths for yourself in three easy steps to help discover what motivates you.

1. Hang around people that are motivated in a general direction you want to go, they can’t make you change but they can help start an internal fire

The old saying, birds of a feather flock together has merits. When we are starting on a new path of self motivation, being around other self motivated people helps us build internal strength.

Maybe join a network of doers for a season, sports, business, Faith etc.. catch what they have till it’s your own.

2. Recondition what goes through your mind, we are the substance of our thoughts.

No outward change can happen unless we rewire our thinking. Speaking our future into existence by daring to separate ourselves from complacency and the predictable.

Start dreaming again and take on the nature of a child that dreams as a pastime.

Children are the most optimistic humans on earth

Read out there books, listen to new music or podcasts, challenge your thinking, rather than be predictable.

3. Start by making small decisions and sticking to them.

If you only diet for the swimsuit, stop it and get healthy for you, not a picture.

If you only post for recognition, stop it, write, take photos, share your heart for expression not approval.

While everyone is sleeping (metaphorically speaking), get up, for you.

Motivation is an inside job – Don’t blame the market and circumstances, they aren’t the final deciding factor, you are.

Start by doing something for you, you’ll be amazed how much you can achieve.

At 56 years of age, my new thing is cooking.

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