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Run in your own lane and stop tripping others up (Lesson 10) 27 day challenge

Over forty two years ago I was made to do athletics at school. I hated it, so I turned up on the field fully dressed with my desert boots.

The teacher in his wisdom made me run a race I didn’t want to. I did and reluctantly ran around the field wanting to send a message to the teacher that I wasn’t happy.

When one of the other students passed me on the field as he was running in his lane, I crossed my lane into his and pushed him over.

Lesson learned

1. I had a great laugh at another students expense

2. The teacher failed to read the signs that I was not going to participate

3. I discovered a new power called rebellion

Not everyone is suited to following orders just because, especially those that get bored easily.

How do we help people find their lane?

1. People show up ready, it’s not that difficult. They wear the appropriate clothing, they’re open to instruction and they participate. If they show no appetite, you’re running an uphill battle.

2. A lane doesn’t have to be conventional, it doesn’t have to be thin and predictable. Some may be suited to terrains where they have to figure it out.

3. Training others to find their lane is not conducive to those that want to create cookie cutout students.

In the real world there is something beautiful about watching people find their lane and competing with themselves.

It was a horrible thing that I did that day and it’s a lesson I learned to not impose on others what they don’t want to do, they may react in a destructive way like I did.

Greatest takeaway from this blog, don’t force others to run a race they’re not interested in just because you are. let them find their own lane so they don’t trip you over in their frustration.

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