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Storms that take us on a different course (Lesson 11 Revised) 27 days

There are storms that strengthen our resolve and there are storms that take us on a different course.

It’s hard to recognise which storms do what until the right storm comes that changes our course forever.

This is the storm that feels like you are completely off course, why?

1. You’ve tried everything that has helped you in past storms and you’re still going in an unknown direction.

2. This storm is causing you to question everything, even your sanity

3. This storm is out of your hands

My suggestion

1. Let it take you where it takes you

2. You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn about yourself and others along the way

3. You’ll realise that God created you to be a lot stronger and wiser than you ever thought

4. You would’ve never chosen this course so the storm chose it for you to take you where you need to be.

At the end of this storm, the rainbow 🌈 is brighter than any rainbow you’ve ever seen.

Your path will be clear

You’ll thank God later for the disruption, but not before.

Just hold on

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