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Politics – The debate of governance, property and rule (Lesson 13) 27 day challenge

From the kindergarten playground to the grave, politics is a way of life.

I’m guilty of trying to be apolitical, but it is about as a political statement as you can get. It’s all part of the debate.

Most people are happy to mind their own business until their business gets disrupted. This is when you see the festering wounds come out as politics has very little respect for anyone.

How do we deal with politics?

1. Pretend it doesn’t exist and this will only deepen resentment.

2. Pick one side only and this will give us justification for our resentment.

3. Equip ourselves with knowledge to protect us from those who try to govern over us, encroach on our property and ultimately make us subservient.

Wether it’s democratic rule or a dictatorship, the very idea that we are at the forefront of any political persons mind as an individual should be seriously examined.

At best, any political person represents a portion of their constituents and through politics they rule the rest.

This being the case, make sure we exert pressure on anyone to govern wholeheartedly through our vote and more so through our intellect, holding them accountable.

This starts at a local, state and federal level. In fact any politician worth their weight in political ethics ought to be thrilled by your sincerity to give a damn and more so by your example of how you self govern.

The less we need political sway, the more political sway we will have.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and hold yourself accountable with the same measure that we expect of those that govern.

If you need a refresher course on politics, just watch the kids play at a kindergarten level, nothing has changed.

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