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The Atheist is often closer to God than the shallow believer (Lesson 14) 27 day challenge

I had lunch with a scientist who prospects for gold and other precious metals.

With half a century of experience in the harsh field of mining, the elderly gentleman opens up about a number of subjects including his personal beliefs.

He was triggered by my comment about my past work, “I was a pastor for eighteen years and I traveled the world teaching ethics and the Christian Ethos”.

He kept wanting to go back to my spiritual experience and then emphatically stressed that he was an Atheist.

As we both opened up about things that really matter in life, family, health, trust, betrayal etc.. I said to him “You’re closer you God than many people I know who profess a faith. The architect of the universe has captured your attention with science. The fact that you are a seeker and don’t claim absolutes opens the gateway to God”

The gentleman who is in his seventies felt relaxed and open to more discussions about business and other more important matters, like peace and hope even spirituality.

Maybe one day he to will make his peace with God, that’s a burden too big for me to carry.

I do like being a vessel of hope for those that dare to be angry enough to question God’s existence and in doing so, may become advocates of the one they deny.

God is closer than you think


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