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The committee is dead, how do we bring it back to life? (Lesson 15 Revised) 27 days

The vote has already been predetermined and committees legitimise and hide the strongest influencers.

let’s be honest and reinvent the value of a committee

Leadership is the prerequisite of any movement or progressive organisation.

The idea of committees was birthed to control excessive powers or legitimise them.

Noble or Divisive, committees are a tool of the modern democratic age.

1. The role of a committee

a. Bring a broad range of expertise to the table

b. Create a roadmap for public opinion to be expressed

c. Make informed decisions for the greater good of the representative organisation

2. Where committees fail

a. The expertise is hijacked by splinter members and personality clashes

b. The roadmap leads to the desert and too much public opinion waters down any vision

c. The decision making process goes around in circles with very little accountability of effectiveness

3. How to legitimise and create an effective committee

a. Each committee member clearly outlines their contribution and capacity to the organisation. Each member is therefore aloud complete transparency publicly and nothing is shared in secret

b. The organisation must have an end in mind with a clear objective. The roadmap may present various paths which can all be legitimate avenues of opportunity. Committee members hold themselves accountable for the outcomes rather than hiding behind voting paradigms.

c. An effective committee led by vision and decisiveness allows for growth and creativity. An effective committee allows for a continuous decision making process rather than be fixated by a weekly or monthly grilling of the discontent.

The best committee is a committee of one, where someone is held accountable and is empowered to deliver outcomes. If you have twelve committee members, this can be an absolute powerhouse as each member focuses on their own portfolio and welcomes the contribution of the committee body.

Factions in committees due to personality clashes or differing views are poison if they’re aloud to fester privately. The way to combat factions, never make things personal and never harbour indefinitely on issues.

Very rarely will a clashing issue destroy a committee spirit. What will destroy any progressive organisation are two things.

1. No clear vision

2. No open conversation

If you have a clear vision and an open conversation in the public arena, committee members will come and go until synergy is created into a winning team.

What’s the vision and who’s leading the way? everything else is a distraction.

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