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Two ways to take a mental break, one will refresh you (Lesson 16 Revised) 27 days

Life has a way of wearing us down to the point of exhaustion

Very rarely do we see the writing on the wall that tells us to slow down, change directions or just stop.

1. Running out of fuel is the first step to taking a forced break

The problem with this type of break is, we will feel lost and anxious

Most people that end up here

a. get surprised how lonely it feels

b. are amazed how quickly they lose their energy

c. become agitated, spontaneously going from zero to a hundred with their negative thoughts

Running out of fuel doesn’t have to be that dramatic if we take stock and recognise that we took things too far. The signs were there but we chose to ignore them.

It’s not uncommon to experience this early in life, it’s tragic when we keep repeating the cycle.

2. Knowing the end game requires us to take constant breaks along the way.

Recognise that life is a long journey broken up into shorter journeys.

Don’t miss the scenery along the way.

I made a detrimental error in some of my earlier years that were fuelled by blind ambition. I achieved so much that I became blind to things that mattered.

Some of the early memories of my children just don’t exist. I neglected my relationship with my parents and definitely put my own health way down the line.

Rather than running out of fuel, it’s wise to top up along the way with memories that matter.

The saying ‘take time to smell the roses’ was definitely quoted by someone that knew the pain of missing out.

It’s never too late to practice taking time out, to last the distance.

For me, writing is one of my greatest pleasures that I do for me.

What are you doing to refuel for the next part of life’s journey before you run empty?

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Who knows what light could come from a chat?

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