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We are born to die, it’s what happens in between that matters. (Lesson 17) 27 day challenge

When we hold on too hard, everything can become weighty.

I’ve heard the saying ‘Let go and let God’ and it’s probably a neat way of saying ‘LIVE’

The very idea of living to the full allows us to discover our gifting which always adds value to the world.

Being completely stifled in a job or relationships because it inhibits self expression feels like death. Don’t die before your time.

Three ways of recognising the cycle of death is taking affect.

1. Very little stimulates you any more, death is taking effect

2. Relationships around you keep falling apart, death is taking affect

3. You’re always angry, death is taking affect

The miracle of life always starts in seed form so reverse the death cycle by planting some new seed.

We’re born to die, it’s what happens in between that matters.

It’s time to birth things in your life that you’ve neglected for a while.

Rest assured, death will come knocking, let death come for you when you’re completely worn out. Too many greet death all rusty, never having lived a full life.

Do something today that births new life in you and I’ll do the same. (I’ve started vlogging, pushing myself to condense a 60 minute talk into less than 10 minutes)


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