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Why give? Two Reasons (Lesson 18) 27 day challenge

A philanthropic friend has told me on many occasions that he gives because he’s selfish, it makes him feel good.

That’s an interesting way to view the act of giving.

1. To freely give of our time, talent or resources, there must be a return of something, why?

Even nature has demands of every living organism, it’s called the law of return.

Sow seed in order to reap a harvest.

To give without any expectation defeats the purpose of giving.

If we give habitually and don’t connect it to the spiritual laws of return, we are prone to develop the disease of self righteousness.

There is nothing uglier than givers who place themselves on the throne of return rather than merely be a steward of the one that activates the miracle of life.

2. When we give we unlock ourselves as much as be a blessing to others.

Most givers start by meeting a need.

That need maybe is to feed the poor, save the planet, protect endangered animals etc..

a. Givers who experience the joy of a free will act will often go deeper and start to stretch themselves in their giving.

b. As the giver continues on this path, they begin a new journey of self discovery.

c. The giver begins to acknowledge more and more how rich they currently are.

Giving is always a two way street

In terms of spiritual laws, what this means is simple. If I give in one area of life I am prone to receive blessings in many other areas of life.

Why give?

Perhaps my philanthropic friend is right, it just makes us happy.

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