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Dare to be different for two reasons (Lesson 19 Revised) 27 day challenge

Mankind has a bazar obsession with individuality. It’s become a trend to speak out, speak up and be contrary.

With the rise of social media in a democracy, everyone can have a voice and be heard.

If we’re going to be different, don’t do it just because you can, do it for two reasons.

1. Be different when society fails to take care of the vulnerable.

Talk truly is cheap when it’s not followed up by wholesome actions. Passing the blame isn’t being different, it’s just an excuse for revenge, settling the score and not taking responsibility to create wholesome outcomes.

Let the world see your beliefs, not just hear them.

The golden rule applies universally, ‘do to others what you would hope they would do to you’

Be different by practicing the golden rule and take care of the vulnerable.

2. Be different because it’s in your DNA

There is not one person on the planet with the same finger print as you.

Most people get caught up in the herd mentality and fail to dig deep to discover their unique identity.

This goes beyond the rhetoric of individuality.

This goes beyond standing out with that Harley Davidson, wearing Prada, or even wearing sandals and a cheesecloth tunic.

We are not what we wear, we are what our heart is.

Discovering your DNA allows you to be different regardless of your social status.

Surprise those around you by being transparent in search of your own convictions and integrity.

It’s our uniqueness that adds value to community not our adherence to observe social norms imposed by assumed authorities.

Obviously the golden rule applies here to.

Is what I’m doing adding value to society or just me?

If it’s just adding value to me, then my uniqueness has mutated my DNA into a cancerous disease. When this transpired, being different is annulled.

Being an individual isn’t the end game. Allowing our uniqueness to create community and value in the world is always the end game.

Life begets life

Allow your life to thrive and it will bring life into others naturally.

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