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3 thoughts to stay on track (Lesson 20 Revised) 27 days

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re probably going in circles.

1. Moving through terrains, it’s wise to be prepared

I often marvel at professionals that are decisive and make things happen. These individuals aren’t reckless, they see way ahead and anticipate movements along the way.

Experience does two things, it makes you fearful or it strengthens your resolve.

Walking a terrain, checking for potholes, looking at the lay of the land prior to giving it all you got.

2. There will always be unseen distractions, make room for them, but don’t give in to them

When moving forward on a project that is repetitive, even the most experienced can become complacent.

Disruptions aren’t always negative, they can sharpen the senses and remind us to stay vigilant.

Disruptions help us to redefine what, how, why, when and with who

3. Speed helps to focus and it’s where the fun is

We crawl before we walk and we walk before we run. In the process of time, speed really does help us stay on track.

Speed brings singular focus

Speed creates flow

Speed unlocks the natural endorphins that give us a high

Pick a destiny, a goal, an end and make it happen. Start slow and speed it up.

What have you dreamed of that is on hold?

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