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Be a MAVERICK with a SOCIAL CONSCIENCE (Lesson 21 Revised) 27 days

Independent thinking to create cohesion and freedom

The term Maverick is said to derive from a Sam Maverick (1803-1870), a prominent Texan landowner who despite intense pressure from other cattle farmers, steadfastly refused to brand his cattle and allowed them to freely roam, instead of being penned within fields.

In the new age of independence we have no end of independent thinkers, yet they lack glueing society together.

3 considerations why

a. The self professed Maverick is self serving and nothing more. They are outspoken but don’t have the integrity or motive to bring community together.

b. Independent thinking in itself is not unique. These types tend to develop an arrogance that is contentious at every turn, which repels unity.

c. Makeshift Mavericks who claim to refuse branding, become the very victim of trying to brand themselves as Maverick

A Maverick with a Social Conscience has one objective in mind.

Is what I’m doing actually helping others to roam free?

A Maverick with a Social Conscience draws the attention of others that are seeking the same freedom. A true Maverick with a Social Conscience knows intuitively that others are waiting for them to lead.

Once a Maverick takes the lead, confidence rises and community starts to develop.

The limitations of Maverick with a Social Conscience goes to the edge of doing the right thing at all costs.

I think there’s a Maverick in each of us when we cast off the man made branding we hold so precious. A wholesome Conscience will even protect us from ourselves.

Don’t be afraid to stand out if your gut tells you it’s the right thing.

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