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3 Reasons the weakest link needs removing (Lesson 22 Revised) 27 days

Proverb ‘You are only as strong as your weakest link’

Wether it’s a toxic relationship or an unhealthy habit, it’s the weak links that keep us from achieving our end goal.

1. Weak links render the whole chain weak

Weak links emotionally blackmail the chain to its lowest denominator, or worse, make the whole chain useless.

When working in a team environment, it’s vital everyone works off the same page.

If there is a repeated default where the chain keeps breaking, search for the person or process that keeps team from progress.

A family can become dysfunctional when one member repeatedly violates trust.

A business can go backwards when a colleague habitually sabotages the cohesiveness amongst the colleagues.

A sports team doesn’t realise its potential when a team player wants to take all the credit.

2. A weak link won’t acknowledge they’re the problem

Self reflection is difficult at the best of times, even worse when under the spotlight.

Weak links easily hide when the chain is not under stress, weak links are equally spotted when the stress test comes.

If someone or a bad habit is making too much noise and contributes the least, it’s time to address that link.

3. The weakest link must be replaced, effective immediately

If we know that a link is rusty or broken, it’s vital that the link be replaced.

It’s of no use to appeal to the weakest link’s flawed values. The other links are waiting to see their maximum potential.

Tough love won’t kill the weakest link but it might save the rest of the chain.

Toxic people or unhealthy habits are best suited to the sidelines. Perhaps they may have a second shot in the future, if they undergo a complete renewal to temper themselves useful again.

Meanwhile the rest of the chain deserves better.

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