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Recognise the 3 ways bullies use to control you (Lesson 23 Revised) 27 days

A bully knows exactly what they are doing and their endgame is control.

The following three attributes of a Bully can be easily avoided if you know their motive.

1. They are dismissive in their manner

When encountering a bully for the first time, you’ll find them dismissive. They instantly make you feel unworthy.

Wether you are worthy or not is not their concern, they initiate everyone with feelings of self doubt.

It’s important when encountering a bully for the first time that you be respectful, but be equally expecting respect to neutralise the bully’s arrogance.

2. They have little tolerance for your opinions

This is typical of a bully’s makeup. Their opinion is paramount and have little room for anyone in the room being smarter than them.

A bully will surround themselves with yes people. If you want to be in the inner circle of the bully’s life, just agree with them.

If you want to influence the bully, agree with them and make subtle suggestions that appear to be the bully’s idea.

Understand, the bully is a person with low self esteem, they to can be easily influenced. It takes time to master this, and it must come from a place where you respect yourself first.

3. They love unreserved adulation

A bully, by nature is always seeking endorsement in the most unusual ways

They will create an inner circle of admirers that protect the bully’s ego while the bully wreaks havoc on others. The bully’s inner circle may be filled with completely unethical people, as long as they are loyal to the bully, they will remain protected.

Being free from the bully’s clutches will always come from a place of self respect and never from a place of vengeance.

Bully’s come in all shapes and sizes, just make sure you don’t become a bully to eliminate the bullies grip in your life.

Horrible bosses, x partners, friends gone wrong. The best way to rid yourself of a bully’s grip in your life, you must try one of the most famous teachers methods when someone shows you some disrespect.

Never share pearls with pigs, because they don’t see the value and will tread all over what is most valuable to you.

The best way to deal with a bully, is to keep walking till you find someone that does appreciate you for you. ~ Jesus abbreviated

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