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3 Reasons Influencers share stories, not just facts (Lesson 25 Revised) 27 days

1. Influencers engage the heart not just the mind

History records some of the greatest influencers talked in story form or parables

a. Story telling opens up the imagination

b. Story telling draws in the soul to make independent evaluation of the truth being revealed

c. Story telling has an ability separate the light observer from the committed doer

2. Influencers thread the facts to create community

a. Facts can easily be verified through tools like google or other research mechanisms. Facts often don’t rally action.

b. The art in story telling uses the facts to bond synergy between diverse opinions

c. The story allows the possibilities of individuals to see their role in community

3. Influencers use stories to politely or politically separate those not of the same ilk

a. A good story can bring tears, laughter or anger, depending on what part of the story triggers specific emotions to the hearers experience.

b. An influencer can shed light through stories to bring guidance not judgement

c. The power of a great story can create powerful movements to bring healing or create war. Influencers know this and so should we.

When listening to a powerful story teller, be mindful, you have the absolute power to interpret the story to your advantage and wellbeing.

In any good story, as the old saying goes, draw out the flesh that adds value to you and spit out the bones. (Apologies to vegans for this analogy)

Don’t be to quick to judge the story teller, it’s just a story. We have the power to activate its meaning or dismiss it as gibberish.

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