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RICH vs a POVERTY MINDSET (Lesson 26 Revised) 27 days

Don’t eat all the seed in your hand

To those that have more will be given and to those that don’t have, even the little that they have will be taken from them ~ Jesus paraphrased

1. Poverty Mindset

Poverty – Not having the means to live a healthy existence

Breaking the cycle of poverty starts with developing a rich (abundant) mindset, it’s not just an amount.

Worrying about the means to the point of anxiety cripples us within, making us incapable of creative action.

When we are in a perpetual state of worry, we become the beggar, relying on the mercy of others.

A poverty mindset never has enough and holds onto what they do have so tight, they lose perspective of everything else.

1. Developing a Rich Mindset

Rewiring our thinking of what it means to have a rich life is the first step reducing anxiety dramatically.

When our mind is renewed, the amount we need radically changes. We will also foster new abilities to create more sustainable wealth.

If it’s just an amount we seek without rethinking the way we live, no amount of money will be enough.

A rich mindset learns the art of negotiation, turning a patch of soil and seed into a harvest.

How much can that patch of soil and seed produce?

It’s only in the limitations of the rich mindsets eye.

A poor mindset begs for mercy and does little to better themselves, always relying on the welfare of others.

A rich mindset negotiates right through life, creating waterholes, turning soil, investing in seed.

A rich mindset turns a seed opportunity into a lifestyle of liberty.

This post is dedicated my mum, Sofia Smilovitis, the richest mindset ever. She survived a life of abject poverty, never begging, but negotiating her way to a life of abundance. I am just one of many blessed recipients of the rich life mum fostered as her legacy.

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Who knows what light could come from a chat?

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