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TRY NEW THINGS (Lesson 27 Revised) 27 days

Growth develops in uncomfortable settings

During lockdown rules of Covid19, societies have had to adapt to a new way of living. Most will miss the opportunity to grow during this season and can’t wait to go back to their complacent norm.

I’ve taken the opportunity to say yes to three new things over the last couple of months.

1. Chairing a board meeting

This would be one of my worst nightmares even though I’ve operated in a leadership and management role for decades.

There was a need and I said yes!

It took me 12 hours to prepare for the meeting and I loved it.

Did the meeting go well?. It went ok, I learned a lot about myself. I probably upset a few people and encouraged others. By the end of the meeting, I learned a lot about the board members and their expectations.

Will I chair other meetings?, absolutely, but am ok if I don’t.

2. 25 push-ups in 25 consecutive days

I was asked to do a push-up challenge for mental health awareness by my son. For 25 days do 25 push-ups and post each day’s push-ups video on Facebook.

I’ve never done such a challenge but saw a number opportunities in the challenge

a. Support my son just because he asked

b. See for myself if I could do 25 push-ups a day for 25 days. It’s not as easy as it looks

c. It’s a great message and a way to encourage others

d. I get to invite 25 of my friends to do the same and watch each other go through the challenge. A great base to foster community.

e. Putting yourself up on Facebook showing your vulnerability is healthy for the ego.

Truth be known, I’ll probably stick to a new habit long after the 25 days as a result.

3. Ten minute motivational talks

I was asked by a friend of mine if I could do a bunch of 10 minute motivational talks. He wanted fresh content to mix with his own to share with his church community.

I was humbled by the request and it’s something that I pondered doing for myself.

Saying yes and then following through with my first three ten minute messages was exhilarating.

If it frightens you, it’s probably good for you

It’s just a matter of being open to new experiences and learning to say yes more often.

If you are interested in a chat, message me on WhatsApp with the button to the right hand bottom corner of this page or email me direct on tom@smilovitis.com and we can arrange to meet if you’re in Perth, Western Australia or zoom chat anywhere in the world.

Who knows what light could come from a chat?


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