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When setting on a new path, it’s wise to remember where you’ve come from.

An old Italian Business Man in his nineties shared with a board room full of young people. He started with a quote ‘If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you won’t know where you’re going’

History has its place in life’s journey, however there are many that get trapped and become Gatekeeper Historians.

First person to be careful of is the

1. The gatekeeper historian

These are the ones that paint a picture of the past and turn it into a false corner stone truth.

They don’t see the past as a reference to progressively go forward, they simply preserve their version of the past.

A classic example of this false idea of history. I attended a 25 year celebration of a Christian organisation’s existence in Perth, Western Australia some years back.

It was a big event, like a Cinderella Ball and a bit of a ferry tale depiction of its 25 year history. (I was there)

Throughout the evening there were testimonies, photos and music. The only problem I could see, they cut out a huge chunk of its own history. Two of the lead Pastors that led that organisation in Australia for at least 18 of the 25 years were cut out of the photos.

I was concerned for those that attended the Cinderella Ball that were not there from the beginning. They would have a completely wrong version of its history. They celebrated a lie and therefore would be destined to repeat that lie.

If the history is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

Knowing the good bad and the ugly about the past allows us to take the good and learn from the bad and ugly.

2. The unbridled futurist

The unbridled futurist is another person that we should be cautious of.

These are the ones that show no reverence of principles that have stood the rest of time.

They see themselves as revolutionary. They convince you of a new truth.

The unbridled futurist pushes boundaries beyond that of a visionary. It’s nothing to them to discredit every authority as a failure of humanity.

In their pursuit of happiness, they allow nothing to stand in their way and they attract others like wildfire.

Some of the most dangerous governments and cults are birthed by unbridled futurists.

The unbridled futurist convinces you to cut ties from your past. Their purpose of cutting ties is for you to see your real potential. The unbridled futurist is the flip side of the same coin as the gatekeeper historian. They paint a picture of the future where unicorns exist.

Both Gatekeeper Historian & Unbridled Futurist are trapped in the never never. Both have a delusion of how things were and therefore will have a delusion of how things can be.

A true historian uses the accurate past to educate others.

A true futurist or visionary relies on accurate history as a foundation to build upon.

I like how Elon Musk calls his company Tesla after the inventor, Nikola Tesla m, born in 1856.

Respecting the past to build a brighter future.

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