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3 Golden Ingredients to life (Lesson 29) 90 day challenge

There are plenty of negative forces that bring us down.

From the moment we wake up, self doubt, apathy and lack of purpose work are at us like atrophy to muscles mass.

The following 3 ingredients build up the inner person. Many will experience a combination of them from time to time, but it’s mastering all 3 with flow that takes us into the stratosphere of possibilities.

1. Faith

Faith was described beautifully as being a substance, something real that we don’t see. We make a choice to activate this substance by believing and then acting on that belief.

Like aviation, electricity or medical breakthroughs, someone believed and the science followed.

The architect of the universe has hidden mysteries yet to be discovered and faith is the door opener.

Believe first, then start seeking, asking, knocking and the evidence will appear at the right time.

2. Hope

It has been said ‘when Hope is deferred, the heart becomes sick’

The saddest of all is to wake up with no meaning, nothing to hope for.

When we exercise faith on purpose we open our selves up to hope. Hope has a way of clearing up our vision.

Hope expects and energises us towards our goals.

The choices we make activate yet again the mysteries of the universe right in our back yard.

Hopeful people aren’t led by their circumstances, they are led by the possibilities.

3. Love

The 3 ingredients that make us complete are, faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these ingredients is love.

Faith and hope have definitely helped the human species progress. Faith and hope have taken us to the moon. Love is what brings faith and hope it’s purest form of humanity.

Love is what fosters the family unit and communities to live in harmony.

Love is that ingredient that keeps our ego in check.

Many have experienced the thrill of success after activating faith and hope. Perhaps it was a business idea, getting that ideal job or starting a family. When faith and hope birth amazing opportunities, it’s love (unconditional love) that’s keeps our sanity in check.

Tapping into love as the architect of the universe intended, will satisfy the human condition beyond laws and human exploits.

Chase these 3 ingredients and experience perpetual energy and harmony in the inner person.

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