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MAD MAN OR FREEMAN (Lesson 35) 90 day challenge

If your message solves problems, they’ll come looking for you in the wilderness.

He would’ve been in his late twenties to thirty years of age and he unlocked so many minds.

He was in the desert declaring the greatest message to come to earth.

“Change the way you think, we are about to experience the greatest awakening of the universe” He was tagged as ‘The one crying out in the wilderness and admonishing everyone to realign themselves with their God given conscience’

He had long hair, a razor never touching his head. He was clothed in one tunic of camel hair with one belt. His diet consisted of locusts and honey. People came from every region to hear him speak and were willing to follow his teachings by getting baptised in the desert.

It seemed obvious that crowds of people were open to set aside their prejudices, their familiar way of life and consider the validity of this seemingly mad man in the desert.

What were the crowds drawn by?

John The Baptist is definitely one of my favorite historical figures.

Perhaps the voice of one crying in the wilderness exemplified absolute freedom. One that lived in authenticity and separated from the cares of the world.

Those that struggled with this long haired, locust eating late twenties to thirty year old was the religious order and government of the day.

I have absolute confidence in our youth, the next generation that break all the rules of conformity and discover transformation, in order to live by their God given conscience.

Dear young person, they’ll come looking for you in the desert if you have an authentic message filled with empathy that solves problems.

Who will come looking for you?

Those that are looking for freedom and those that are losing their grip of the herds they control.

Pic taken in-between Newman & Port Hedland, North Western Australia. My son and I did a Mental Health & Suicide awareness campaign a few years back. We called the campaign ‘Beach River Desert’. We drove over 3,500 km in three days. Starting from Perth to Newman, Newman to Port Hedland and along the coast back to Perth.
My heart goes out to all the construction workers and mining workers that struggle with Mental Health.

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